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Save up to £435 when you switch*

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A panel of A rated insurers

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Dedicated specialist post sales service team

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A guide to business insurance for office owners

Office insurance is available to protect your business from unexpected incidents in the workplace. There are many forms of office protection available, with each type designed to cover specific risks. This guide will explain the key facts which you need to find the best commercial office insurance policy.

What types of business office insurance are available?

Office insurance is available to protect your businesses finances and reputation, if an unexpected event occurs. For example, a fire, theft or claim made by an employee or customer. To ensure your office is adequately protected, business insurance is available in many forms.

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The most common forms of insurance are:

Office contents insurance

This will protect the equipment and contents of your office against thefts or damage. If you rent the building, this is an ideal form of cover. Although, if you own the office, you should also invest in buildings insurance which protects the structure of the building.

Public liability insurance

This will protect your business from claims made by members of the public and customers which visit your office.

Employers liability insurance

If your business employs a member of staff, you will need employer’s liability insurance to protect them in the workplace. It is a legal requirement for all businesses with one or more employees.

Professional indemnity insurance

If your business provides professional advice or services, this insurance will protect you against client claims. If you make a mistake which leads to a loss for your client, they could make a claim against your business. You may find that some professional bodies require their members to hold this form of cover.

Business interruption insurance

Many businesses choose to take out this form of insurance as it protects the company against events which stop trading.

How do I find the best office insurance quote?

Our experienced insurance team are here to help you find the best office insurance cover, at the most competitive prices.

We have partnered with a panel of leading insurance providers, which specialise in providing competitive business insurance cover.

We have developed a convenient online form, which you can use to provide us with your insurance requirements.

If you would like to discuss your business insurance requirements in more detail, we will be happy to discuss your options. We will get to know your business, so that we can advise the types of insurance you would benefit from. Once we understand your unique requirements, we can help you find the cheapest insurance for your business.

You will be provided with a range of office insurance quotes, which you can quickly compare. It is important that you consider the various terms offered by each policy, as well as the overall cost.

Once you decide which cover is ideal for your office, you will be able guide you through purchasing your insurance policy. Simply choose whether to pay the premium in full or spread the cost across monthly payments.

If you would like to find out more about the various types of business insurance available, please contact our team today. We can also advise on other ways to reduce your business expenses, through our range of business comparison services.

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How much does a business insurance policy cost?

Office insurance cost does vary between businesses, although it is possible to secure a cheap office insurance policy. No two offices require the same form of insurance and prices will depend on several factors such as:

  • Industry

  • Annual turnover

  • Number of employees

  • Equipment used in the office

  • To the number of customers visiting the office

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