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Save up to £435 when you switch*

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A panel of A rated insurers

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Dedicated specialist post sales service team

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A guide to property owners’ insurance

If you own a property which is rented to a commercial or residential tenant, you have a responsibility to maintain the property. This means ensuring the property is safe and will not put visitors to the property at risk. As a landlord you can take every step to minimise potential risks, but accidents do happen.

If a third party is injured, sick or has their property damaged as a result of an issue with your property, they could be eligible to make a claim against you. However, property owner’s liability insurance is available to cover compensation claims and legal costs associated with the claim.

What is property owner’s insurance for landlords?

Insurance for rental property owners is available to cover potential claims from your tenants, visitors to the property and members of the public. If an individual is injured while on the premises, they could have the right to make a claim against you. In addition to insurance for the actual building, you should consider insurance for the area surrounding the property

For example, a member of the public could be harmed by a falling roof tile during a storm. Whether the property is let to a commercial or residential tenant, there is both commercial property insurance and residential property insurance available. If an individual is badly injured as a result of your property, having adequate property owner’s public liability insurance will save you a large sum of money

Without an insurance policy, you would have to pay legal fees, compensation costs and medical charges. In addition to property owner’s liability policies, there are other forms of insurance available to landlords. For example, buildings insurance which will protect the structure of the building against damage. There is also loss of rent cover, which will provide payments for any periods of lost income, following damage to the building.

Do I need property owner’s liability insurance?

Property owner’s liability cover is essential for all landlords and property owners. Whether they own a house, apartment, office or block of flats. An insurance policy will guarantee that you are protected from any unexpected claims. If a tenant or member of the public makes a claim against you as the landlord, the fees and damages will be paid for by the insurer.

Before you purchase a policy, you should check exactly what is covered within your existing business insurance policy. In some cases, public liability insurance extends to protecting your building against claims made by the public. Although some insurers include property owner’s liability within their business insurance, many class the cover as a standalone policy.

How do I find the best property owners liability insurance quote?

We can help you find the best commercial property owners insurance quotes, in one quick place. Our team understand that every property owner will require a policy which is tailored to their requirements. This is why we have created our simple online form, which will help us get to know more about your needs.

We have partnered with many leading insurers, so that you benefit from the most competitive deals for your property owner’s insurance. Our team will arrange quotes on your behalf, which you can then compare. Once you have found the best premium available, you can purchase the policy directly through our website.

Here at BusinessComparison, our aim is to help you find the cheapest options for your business. Our dedicated team can help you with a variety of business products, including comparing loans and business utilities. To find out more about the various insurance policies you may require for your property, please contact our team today.

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