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Most businesses around the UK will, at some point, need to transfer money abroad or collect payments. International money transfer makes this process a lot easier and faster. If you regularly transfer money abroad for your business then it’s definitely worth considering how much you are losing via different exchange rates. The rate you could be receiving and the charges you will be paying can make a big difference to the overall cost. Whether you are using international money transfer for the first or the last time it is important to compare beforehand to make sure that you get the best deal.

Using banks can become very expensive, on average you could be charged an extra £20 on each transaction you make. Add to this the potentially poor exchange rates and you could be paying a lot of money, sometimes hundreds of pounds.

Avoiding these extra costs is easy thanks to the foreign exchange specialists who offer affordable and appealing exchange rates. Using these specialists is beneficial because they are cost effective and guarantee that they will save you money on all transfers with no hidden costs. In addition to this the process is safe and secure and the journey is simple and time effective.

90% of our users would
recommend us!
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