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Deals from £24.95 per month

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Lifetime price promise**

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How to check the availability of broadband in your area

Broadband is accessible to businesses in most parts of the UK, however coverage does vary within different areas. This means the type of broadband available in your area may differ from others, although according to Ofcom, fibre broadband is available to more than 95% of users across the UK.
If you are unsure which broadband types are available in your area and would like to know which is the best option, a quick check can provide you with the information you need.

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How do I check the availability of broadband in my area?

The majority of broadband providers offer quick tools on their website, which are designed to assess the availability of internet services based on your postcode. The most accurate results will be provided if you are able to enter your business landline number, as this will enable the provider to
predict the likely speeds you will be able to achieve. The results are instant and will help you decide which is the best option for your business.

For businesses which already have broadband installed

It may still be worth checking the service availability in your area.
You may find that a faster fibre connection is available, which could provide your business with improved speeds and a more reliable service at competitive prices. It is also advisable to check the upload and download speeds which your business is currently receiving, by completing an internet speed test. You may find that you could easily access a faster connection, with many businesses finding that they are paying more for a slower service or that they are not getting the speeds promised at the start of their contracts.

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What connections are available in my area?

The fastest broadband is available via fibre optic cables, so it is likely that your business will be hoping to be situated within a fibre area. The data which travels along fibre optic cables literally travels at the speed of light, so as you can imagine, fibre connections are much faster than copper networks.

There are different types of fibre connections available, including Fibre to The Cabinet (FTTC), Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), Fibre To The Premises on Demand (FTTPoD), FTTP on Demand and dedicated leased lines.
The most widely available fibre option is an FTTC connection, which uses fibre optic cables between the roadside cabinet and the exchange, with copper cables connecting your premises. On average, FTTC connections will provide speeds of between 35Mbps up to 65Mbps, although the speed will vary depending on demand and your location.

For businesses looking for competitively priced ultrafast broadband, an FTTP connection may be more suitable. These are also referred to as FTTPoF and FTTP on Demand connections, with the exact type of connection varying across the country. These connections are not as common, although your business could benefit from speeds of at least 300Mbps. The network is being expanded and thousands of new premises are able to access FTTP connections each month.

For larger businesses which are completely reliant on access to fast internet speeds, a leased line could provide the ideal option. Leased lines use fibre optic cables to provide premises with their own dedicated connection to the exchange, which means the network is not shared with any other users. These are the fastest connection types, although they are also the most expensive.

If your business is not able to connect to a fibre network, you will still be possible to connect to an Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, otherwise known as an ADSL connection. In general, ADSL connections tend to be used by residential customers or small businesses which do not require high-speed, reliable internet connections.

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What happens if my business can’t access a fibre connection?

The fibre broadband network is expanding, with new areas constantly being added across the country. If you are situated too far from the roadside cabinet or are in a rural area which does not have fibre yet, it may be worth contacting your local council. The council will be able to update you with any upcoming fibre installation plans.

Alternatively, BT Openreach ask for those who would be interested in a fibre connection to contact them to register their interest. They will ask for your address and landline number and will also be able to provide you with information relating to future fibre plans in your area.

It may also be possible to use Virgin Media high-speed cable broadband, which uses coaxial cables that are separate from the fibre and copper BT network. The cables can offer speeds starting at 54Mbps, with some areas of the UK able to receive up to 1Gbps. It isn’t as widely available as the standard connections, however if you are not able to receive fibre it may be worth comparing against the Virgin Media service.

If you would like to find out more about the broadband options available to your business, our team are always happy to answer your queries. We specialise in helping businesses find the most suitable products at the best possible prices, so that your business can operate efficiently. To find out more about our broadband comparison service, please contact our team today.

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