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Home broadband vs business internet connectivity

If you run a small business or have a home office, you may be wondering whether you need a business broadband package or standard home broadband. There are a few key differences between the two package types, which can impact which option you may need. To help you decide which broadband connections is ideal for you, we have compiled this useful guide.

Customer service

This is the main difference between business broadband and standard home broadband. Those with business broadband packages will benefit from a prioritised customer support service, with faster response times and improved technical support. Although residential broadband providers will offer customer support, it is unlikely to be available 24/7.

There are many providers which guarantee service levels, so faults usually get fixed within 24 hours, or with some packages within just a few hours. A service level agreement will provide a written guarantee of the level of service you can expect, including speeds, downtime and fault repair times. If the provider does not adhere to the agreement, in many situations you may get compensated. If your business relies on a stable internet connection, business broadband may be the best option.


Business broadband packages are generally much faster than residential broadband packages, in terms of download and upload speeds. Broadband providers will prioritise businesses speeds over residential users, which also results in a more reliable connection. It is also possible to get a leased line, which is a dedicated business line solely provided to your premises, resulting in speeds of 1Gb or more.

Static IP

If your business needs a static IP address, you may need to get a business broadband package. If you need to access your computer remotely or host a server, you will need a static IP address, which is not an option with a home broadband provider.


All broadband providers will offer internet security, but if you are running a business, a high level of security can be very important. A business broadband connection will benefit from bespoke security software and some providers will also offer VPN's and data backup support.

Why is business broadband more expensive?

It is clear that there are many advantages with business broadband connections, however these benefits come at a cost. Business broadband is more expensive than standard home broadband, especially if you get a leased line installed or opt for a variety of additional services. Depending on the type of business you operate, the additional cost may be worth it. However, it is always advisable to compare packages to find the best deal available for you.

Can I use personal broadband for business use?

Home broadband connections are often much cheaper than business connections, so you may be tempted to get a cheaper line installed instead of a dedicated service. Although it is possible to use residential broadband for business use, depending on your individual requirements it may be a false economy. For example, if there is a fault on your line which isn't fixed for several days you may lose revenue, especially if the fault would be fixed within a few hours with a business connection.

There are a variety of providers offering business broadband, so it is possible to compare deals to find a competitive option for your small business.

Here at BusinessComparison, we help businesses find the best deals for their unique requirements. We can help you compare a variety of broadband providers, so you can decide whether the additional cost of business broadband is worth it. To find out more, please contact our team today.


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