Are you a Scrooge or an Angel when it comes to organising a staff Christmas party?

8 years ago

Are you a Scrooge or an Angel when it comes to organising a staff Christmas party?

As Christmas approaches, HR departments are wishing on every star in the sky that staff Christmas parties sale through with no incidents. The latest research has shown that UK businesses are going to be ‘splashing the cash’ with nearly £1 billion being spent on staff do’s – spends are set to return to a pre-recession level.

In a survey (commissioned by Everbrite) of 500 decision-makers, 72% of businesses revealed they’re planning on throwing a festive party, this is compared to just 40% back in 2009. The Christmas Party Index by Everbrite continues to expose Santa’s secrets by revealing that an average business will spend £42.48 per head.

So which areas like to splurge and which areas scrimp on staff festivities?

Businesses that are located in London, the East Midlands and Yorkshire are expected to spend the most on their parties. 11% of firms in London are predicted to spend more than £100 on each employee whereas businesses in Wales and Northern Ireland appear to be spending the least amount on their staff with an average spend allowance on each head being £19.79 or in some parts £12.36 per head. It seems as if some companies are still stuck in the rut of the recession. The research has confirmed that 10% of those who were surveyed expect their staff to pay for themselves on their Christmas night out.

That’s not all! Researchers also found that old traditional Christmas parties are now outnumbered. Only 7% of businesses are planning on maintaining festivities within the limits of the business. According to the research 17% of businesses will use the budget on a private high-class venue whereas just 11% are planning on attending a shared and gimmicky themed party, for small businesses this figure has increased to 19% with 12% hoping that a shared Christmas party will provide networking opportunities.

Marino Fresch, a director of marketing for UK and Ireland at Everbrite has said;

“Businesses are back in the party spirit and expectations are rising fast as companies look set to lay on more exciting and experimental parties for staff this year.

“The rise in Christmas party spending, in particular, indicates how businesses see the party as an important event in its own right that will retain, reward and motivate their people.”

So, what are the best things about work Christmas parties?

1.  The chance to see your boss drunk!

It might be a fantasy to some, but wouldn’t we all love to see our boss after a bottle of wine or five?

2.  The free bar or bar tab (obviously!)

Christmas can leave many people’s pocket tight, with all the gift giving and the preparation towards it, Christmas parties are a great way to enjoy a night out at a low or no cost... you could say it reduces stress!

3.  Getting to know people who you don’t work with on a daily basis

For companies that have different sectors within, a Christmas party is a great way of getting to know those who you don’t get to talk to.

4.  The stories that follow (or taunt you) the next day!

Everyone loves discussing a night out, especially the day after. Finding out what your colleagues have done and seeing their face is priceless!

5.  You will have fun

Let your hair down, it’s a night of socialising, drinking (optional) and most importantly getting away from the office. Don’t be afraid to get in the Christmas spirit.

Enjoy yourself, but remember there are things to remember