What can a comparison site offer my business?

9 years ago

What can a comparison site offer my business?

The wealth of comparison sites that have sprung up over the past ten years have become the one stop shop for consumers looking for the best deals in the market.

This can be anything from car insurance, a new bank account, or even finding which energy supplier is right for you. Most even offer perks such as free cinema tickets, a meerkat toy or talking robot to help ensure a sale.

So why do people not have the same mentality when dealing with their businesses? Most SMEs look to their banks and other forms of traditional lending for their financial and business requirements; but it needn't be that way.

Below we discuss 5 advantages of business comparison sites that can truly benefit SMEs in their search for business services.

Wider choice of funding

Comparison sites offer businesses a wealth of different options, from traditional lenders to peer-to-peer lending, meaning that businesses see not only a wider variety of options, but a more tailored choice for their needs. Banks and traditional lenders don’t have access to this proprietary comparison technology and can only offer you what they have under their own lending umbrella. A comparison site is a one stop shop – they do the hard work for you so you don’t have to shop around.

Independent guidance

As comparison sites are not affiliated with any one bank, they can provide independent guides and advice for businesses trying to navigate the difficult process of accessing funding or finding the most appropriate insurance. Comparison sites provide all of the information needed to make the most informed decisions in a neutral, helpful, and in an easily accessible way.

Clear and concise options

Ever felt bamboozled by the small print or annoyed by the hidden charges after a loan has been processed? The wealth of options presented to businesses on comparison sites are displayed in a clear and concise manner. At businesscomparison.com, we even show the cost you will be paying upfront which is a unique offering in the market. By showing the upfront cost, such as interest rates and loan terms, it avoids confusion and simplifies the process. It makes it much easier for a business to make decisions when it can see its prospective outgoings on one page - for example, should they proceed with that loan, or which insurance provider is the best fit for their needs.

Quick turnaround

The interminable wait many businesses suffer when applying for finance, in particular through traditional channels, can have a real impact on day to day business. Comparison sites understand that quick and efficient access to finance can make all the difference. Most sites can offer a range of tailored solutions much more quickly, in fact at businesscomparison.com we can offer options in 60 seconds.

Exclusive Deals

Because we do extensive research, we can find businesses the best deals and negotiate rates that they wouldn't find elsewhere. Businesses need to know that the rates and offers they are being recommended offer them the most competitive deal around.

As the SME market continues to grow, comparison sites can lead the way in offering businesses the most comprehensive and tailored approach to business services.