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SMEs Surf the Wave of Cardiff’s New Full Fibre Network

In a big boost for the Welsh capital, Cardiff's small businesses and co-working spaces will experience a game-changing transformation with the launch of a state-of-the-art full-fibre broadband network.

Ogi, Wales's largest alternative telecoms provider, will implement the new infrastructure. As revealed in March, Ogi has completed the initial phase of Cardiff's high-speed network in under six months.

Next-Gen Network

The first deployment of this Gigabit-capable network is centred around the East Moors area of the city, marking the beginning of a comprehensive rollout encompassing key districts such as Cardiff Bay, Dumballs Road and the new Capital Quarter.

Cardiff BayThis development is part of a broader initiative to bring Nokia's next-gen full fibre technology to the city of castles. This expansion comes at a time when the only viable option from existing operators is leased line services, which aren't always suitbale for SMEs.

Two of Cariff’s renowned business hubs, The Maltings and Workbench, are at the forefront of this privately funded transformation, with over 100 startups set to gain access to the UK's fastest network.

Ogi’s Vision

Ogi boss Ben Allwright said: "This is good news for businesses in the city at a time when everyone is looking for cost-effective ways to do more for less. Fast and dependable connectivity has never been more important, and with the big data age arriving at our doorstep, we're ready to equip businesses with the tools they need to not only survive but thrive.

“Full fibre lines capable of between 2 Gbps to 10 Gbps symmetrical speeds will soon be available for the very first time over the dedicated, bespoke network, meaning businesses will have the option to expand where they are rather than move away from the city."

Happy Users

Jason Gill, director of Cardiff-based agency Workbench, which rents out serviced office spaces in the city, expressed his enthusiasm about the new network. He said: "The speeds we're talking about here are phenomenal. With businesses increasingly moving and consuming large amounts of data, the need for a fast and dependable connection is vital.

“Ogi is providing this, and with a suite of solutions that rival the traditional leased line offer and an expert support team based just around the corner, it really feels like we're extending the team rather than buying in services. And with this tech, we can confidently attract new business to our Workbench sites."

A Faster Future for Welsh Business

Ogi's network should offer speeds more than ten times quicker than Cardiff's average, which currently hovers around 99 Mbps, highlighting the significance of this development.

The first phase of the rollout should be completed early next year, with service activation being staggered across the city. From here, Ogi plans to bring full fibre connectivity to over 150,000 premises across South Wales.

Cardiff's SMEs are on the cusp of a transformative period with a network that will empower them to thrive in an increasingly data-driven world, enabling them to attract new business and remain competitive. As the rollout continues in the coming months, the capital’s business community can look forward to a brighter, faster and more connected future.

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