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How Leased Lines Justify Their Price Tag

In 2023, the way many of us work looks different than it did in the past. We often bounce between video calls with remote workers, sharing files to the cloud and collaborating digitally. The one thing all of this depends on is your internet connection.

It’s no surprise that businesses are frustrated when faced with lagging internet connections, outages or poor customer service from their broadband provider. If you’re looking to grow your business or simply make your processes more efficient, investing in a Leased Line could be the right solution.

What are Leased Lines?

Simply put, a Leased Line is a premium broadband service that gives your business exclusive use of a broadband line, eliminating the need to share the connection with your neighbours. Opting for a Leased Line makes sense if your business relies heavily on dependable and fast internet.

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With standard fibre optic connections, you’re sharing bandwidth with nearby homes or businesses. This means when internet usage in your area spikes, you could experience slower loading times or even downtime, which is frustrating for any business. A handful of regions in the UK also still rely on outdated copper cable networks, which are set to be retired by 2025.

Why are Leased Lines so Expensive?

The price tag associated with Leased Lines makes a lot of businesses doubtful as to whether they can justify the investment. Although it’s impossible to get a quick price because quotes have to be specifically tailored to each business and its location, it’s fair to say that this type of connection isn’t cheap.

In the UK, most home and business broadband packages use Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), which is a combination of fibre optic and copper landlines. On the other hand, there is Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), or ‘full fibre’ connections, which are a level above in terms of speed and reliability. They will eventually become the standard in Britain, even in regions that currently depend on outdated infrastructure.

When comparing broadband prices, keep in mind that line rental is typically included in the offer for FTTC connections. However, FTTP connections do not include a landline phone, which means you might end up spending the same amount for a significantly faster connection if you don't require a landline.

Leased Lines can be expensive because they establish a dedicated fibre optic link between your premises and the closest ‘point of presence' (POP). As the length of the connection and the amount of labour for the installation grows, so does the number on your invoice.

In addition, several other factors will affect the outcome of your quotes. You will need to consider the bandwidth you require, the length of contract you’re willing to commit to, and the level of customer support to opt for. Leased Line customers often benefit from a superior support package which gives them priority over other broadband customers and access to swift callouts for technicians.

Do Leased Lines Justify Their Price Tag?

As more and more businesses in the UK adopt digital ways of working, reliable, high-speed broadband is becoming increasingly desirable. If the efficiency of your work depends on video calls, file sharing, and collaboration with cloud-based applications, a Leased Line would be beneficial. If what we've described sounds like your business, a Leased Line could be a worthy investment.

As well as an improved connection, investing in a leased line gives you access to technical support should you experience any issues. Necessary repair work can usually be completed in a matter of hours, and you can get back to work, limiting any loss of earnings for your business.

You will usually get faster speeds and minimum uptime as a guarantee from your provider because there is reduced usage on the line. Service response times are ensured through Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which promise prompt repair times.

How You Can Save on Leased Lines

At BusinessComparison, our priority is to secure the best Leased Line deals for business owners. We do this by working with approved broadband partners who can offer tailored solutions for a great price. Take advantage of our comparison service to let us save both time and money for your business.

How We Can Help Your Business

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