8 years ago

Receipt Bank This weeks’ business app to look out for…

Name: Receipt Bank

Function: Receipt Bank enables Bookkeepers and Accountants to efficiently manage client's bookkeeping requirements and provide added value service to their clients. The software developed by the app allows bills, receipts and invoices to be stored, gathered and processed effortlessly and cost effectively.

Founders: The app was developed by founder Michael Wood in 2010 after he felt constantly infuriated by his persistent accountant asking for up to date books. The app was designed to remove the burden that comes with bills, receipts and invoices within a business.

The app will cut the main information from your bills, receipts and invoices which then takes away the inconvenience of entering data manually! The app will then distribute the data to your accounting software, or it can be exported as a spreadsheet or used to produce an expense report.

Founder, Michael Wood comments;

"Having helped to build an accounting firm I realised that we could harness the latest technology to make bookkeeping much more effortless for firms that wanted to get ahead.”