Business energy saving

Top 10 business energy tips

07 Jun 2021

Here are our top 10 business energy saving tips.

These tips are quick and simple should help your business save money on energy bills.

1 - Power off equipment overnight that does not need to be left on. Leaving a computer and monitor on standby overnight for 12 months will on average cost just over £6, if you multiply that by the number of computers you have it could add up to quite a big figure!

2 - Are your lights turned off at night?  Several businesses leave lights on overnight but ask yourself if this is necessary. This is a no-brainer as it not only saves you on energy costs, but also avoids contributing towards light pollution.

3 - Check your heating Thermostat – do you need your heating on during summer and overnight? This is a quick and easy way to cut down on the heating bills. We recommend reviewing your thermostat timings once a month, the money you save by reducing how often your heating is on will surprise you (the same applies to air-con overnight, if there is nobody there switch it off!).

4 - Do you know how energy efficient your lightbulbs are? Both CFL and LED lightbulbs consume less power than their regular counterparts, not only are these lightbulbs more efficient (can reduce consumption by a huge 75%) but they also have an average lifespan that is 2-3 times longer than regular bulbs. 

5 - Struggling to find items on your desk due to the mountain of paperwork? Ask yourself if all of that paperwork is really necessary. Try to only print things that you need a physical copy of, not only will this reduce paper consumption but will also save on both printer ink and electricity.


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6 - Energy efficient devices and eco modes are available on several electrical products these days, so the next time you are looking to upgrade your equipment look out for these device features, they will pay off in future!

7 - How hot are your taps? A lot of people overlook the temperature of the water coming out of the hot tap, but by simply nudging down the temperature of the hot taps you can easily shave some costs off the heating bills.

8 - Make hay whilst the sun is shining, or in our case - make use of daylight. A simple way to save electricity is to simply not switch on the overhead lights, in summer we are fortunate to have long,  light days, so if you are not struggling to work without the lights on then keep them off!

9 - Energy star appliances are appearing everywhere these days, if your gadgets are on their way out then keep a look out for new ones which have the energy star rating to maximise their efficiency. 

10 - Ditch the screensaver! Yes, we all love looking at photos of your family and pets, but leaving computer displays on with these images bouncing around is not necessary and is costing your business money. Switch to the standard black screensaver, or even better ‘sleep mode’ if you can!

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