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Benefits of comparing tradesman insurance comparison
  • Personal Accident cover

    Personal Accident cover will pay you or a member of your staff a weekly amount or lump sum should you or they be injured during the course of employment. The level of payment made will be dependent on the injury.

  • Tools and equipment

    Tools and equipment will often be your highest cost. This covers you for the cost of replacing any damaged, lost or stolen tools.

  • Loss of income

    Should you not be able to work you can make sure that you income is protected.

  • Public liability

    This will cover your business for millions of pounds should anyone be hurt by you or your employees or contractors

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About Tradesman Insurance

Tradesman insurance generally combines a few types of working insurance into one single policy. As tradesman, there are four types of cover that are generally included:

Tools and Material Insurance

Often, your tools can be your most valuable asset and should these be stolen or damaged, it will affect your ability to work. This insurance will cover the cost of replacement and/or loss of income whilst you are not able to work.

Public Liability

The site you work on will often have other businesses working alongside you, or the public could be in close proximity of you while you work. Although you will act responsibly, accidents can happen. Someone could trip on your power cables or brush against wet paint. Public liability insurance is taken to make sure any insurance claims will not affect the long term running of your business.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

As an employer, it is a legal requirement that you have insurance to cover the people you employ. This will mean you are protected should they be injured using machinery, taking in harmful fumes or suffering a slip, or any other injury or illness.

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