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How to find the perfect pub business loans

Although the local pub is one of our most cherished institutions, not every pub has the easiest route to achieving financial success. Whether you own a bar or a pub, there is always strong competition between establishments and the supermarkets, which are often able to undercut smaller chain establishments. To find new ways to compete pubs need to invest in new strategies, which is where pub business loans could help.

What could pub business loans be used for?

If you have developed a strong business plan which you believe could make your pub a success, there are a variety of pub business loans to choose from. Whether you plan on introducing a new menu, a regular live entertainment slot of renovating the building, the key to success often lies in evolving with your customers’ demands.

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Which pub business loans are available for my business

We work with a variety of lenders which specialise in offering loans to every business, that is able to demonstrate strong financial accounts and a solid business plan. A bank loan is often the most traditional form of lending, however this form of funding is usually only available to pubs with an excellent credit rating and strong income.

If your business does not fit the criteria for a traditional bank loan, we also work with a variety of alternative lenders. Through our range of lenders, you will have access to the funding solutions which meet your specific business and your finance requirements, from unsecured and secured loans to merchant cash advances and asset finance.

How to apply for a pub business loan

Our useful comparison tool will enable you to search through the interest rates and terms offered by a variety of lenders. Simply enter the amount you are looking to borrow, the ideal repayment period and some key figures from your financial accounts.

The finance finder will then provide you with a list of lenders which match your specific business situation. Depending on their specific criteria you will be offered a competitive interest rate and an affordable repayment period. This could be just one month for a small amount starting from £1,000, or anything over a year for a longer-term loan to a maximum of £20,000,000.

As part of the application process you will be asked to provide evidence of your business’ finances, such as cash flow forecasts, balance statements and evidence of your annual turnover. Many lenders will also require you to present a business plan, as this shows how you will be spending the pub business loan and also how you expect to meet the repayments. This is an excellent chance to improve your chances of success by demonstrating your skills, experience and plans for growing the business.

Our knowledgeable team have a wealth of experience in helping pubs and bars find the ideal business loan. We can work closely with your business to find a form of finance which aligns exactly to your needs, from the level of funding available to the repayment terms. To find out more information about the available pub business loans, please contact our team today.

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