5 things the Winter Olympics can teach you about getting your business in shape

posted by 5 years ago in Tips

The cold weather may have been an inconvenience for most of us but now it’s time to embrace all that is icy as the Winter Olympics get underway. The opening ceremony is hosted at the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium in South Korea tomorrow.

Parallels have often been drawn between elite athletes and entrepreneurs so what can the Winter Olympics teach you about getting your business fighting fit?

Put in the hard work

Acknowledge that reaching your goals takes time – it won’t happen over-night. There will be success and failure along the way. Seek out new training opportunities and be prepared to put in the hours to perform at your best.

Believe in yourself

New challenges will crop up along the way and there will almost certainly be bumps in the road, but self-belief is a major factor in helping you achieve success and make your vision a reality. Keep setting new goals and surround yourself with others who have faith and believe in you.

Get a great coach

No matter how experienced you are in business, having a great coach or mentor can be a winning combination. This will help you identify the skills and techniques that will help you beat off the competition!

Regularly review your performance

Don’t just focus on what’s going well, take the time to review what can be done differently to maximise performance.

Celebrate your success

To stay motivated you need to acknowledge success as you go along. Entrepreneurs and athletes can both be incredibly hard on themselves setting the bar of expectation high. Break your goals into manageable chunks and the road to greatness will not be as steep as it first appears!