50% of Small Business Leaders have worked on Christmas Day

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Over the years, more and more small-to-medium-sized business owners have worked on the quietest (working) day of the year. Understandably their business is a priority and in many cases their baby, but as it is Christmas, should their baby be left on Christmas Eve?

Even though Christmas day is a national bank holiday, according to Zurich 18% of SME business owners have had to leave their family and friends to ‘pop’ into the office on Christmas Day, 32% have stayed at home but they have lost their Christmas spirit by responding to and checking emails.

– Are you online on Christmas Day?

The data has shown that SMEs are having to miss out on Christmas spirit, 9% have failed to make their children’s nativity play because of work, 9% have also missed out on putting the Christmas tree up with their family and 13% have missed their work Christmas party, which is an important event as it allows a stress free (work-related) night out.

Sadly, it is not just Christmas bosses are losing out on, many are missing out on annual leave, the data from Zurich’s SME Risk Index has exposed that 14% of decision makers have not taken any of their annual leave in 2015 and almost 18% have only had 10 or fewer days off this year.

Head of SME at Zurich, Jason Eatock has said;

“It will come as no surprise to SMEs that despite commonly held views about the lifestyle benefits of working for yourself, the reality can be very different.

“Missing big events such as your child’s nativity play is a high price to pay and shows the pressure many SMEs are under.”

Christmas is a holiday which is recognised all over the globe, and it is important to take the full day to enjoy the festivities and make up the lost time with friends and family. Christmas only comes once a year so it is important to make the most of it. Unfortunately, current economic and political worries are causing numerous small business owners to continue working over the festive period including Christmas Day.

Head of Businesscomparison.com, Philip Brennan has commented;

“Christmas is a very important time to spend with the family. Unfortunately, for some professions, this is just not possible. If it is not feasible to get time off make sure that something is scheduled in the near future so that you can make sure you replace the quality family time lost. Book it now don’t let it slip, your family only grows up once!”