8 Suggestions to Include Reviews in Your Strategy for Content Marketing

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Our society is focused on reviews. There are so many businesses out there, people value 5-star ratings more and more to help them decide which product or service is best. Reviews give customers information on products not just for other customers but for business managers also. Here are some great suggestions to incorporate reviews in your content marketing strategy.

1. Inspire content

One great way to include reviews in your strategy is to use the information you get from them to find good ideas for content. You can use reviews to get topics for your blog, such as points that come up frequently, and think of high-level content that’s related to these points. It’s important that you don’t use reviews in the actual content, and that you stay away from selling a product. Instead, write content that’s informational and based on topics that your readers are interested in.

You can also post content related to the success of your brand, such as celebrating and informing your readers of a great feature by a third-party review site. This can help you increase your web traffic and boost your brand recognition.

2. Determine content for video

Stats show that viewers retain 95% of the message in a video as opposed to 10% when reading it. This means that video is essential for a content strategy, so comb through your reviews to identify important product features that you can highlight in a video. A suggestion from Paul Fraser, a content manager at Brit Student and Write My X, is to “create how-to videos to improve user experience if you notice something that keeps coming up. You can also ask loyal customers to submit video reviews if they want and that way you can get more information about your product.”

3. Post on social media

Social media is difficult to include in a content marketing strategy, because you need to both promote your brand but also be conversational to create a community with your followers. This is where reviews come in. You can post a screenshot of a review, or quote on in a caption, and more. These will summarise your brand and also encourage others to try that product. This is an easy win for your marketing strategy, so long as you’re using the right social media platforms for your business and audience.

4. Boost your email marketing

You can boost an email marketing campaign with the inclusion of positive reviews. You can highlight reviews from your website or other review platforms, and include them in your email with links to the products and more reviews. This helps create trust and credibility for your company, and authentic reviews will improve your brand. On its own, a great review in your email won’t be enough to convince a customer to purchase your product, but it will increase the chances of getting a conversion.

5. Physical marketing

You can use review content in offline marketing, like posters or signs that highlights ratings of a product or a specific review. By taking this online content to the physical sphere, you can connect with your customers in more ways. For example, Amazon books will have star ratings for books offline and they can give their customers informative reviews that can help them decide on a purchase.

6. More credibility

Reviews help your business build credibility online. As per Jenny O’Brien, a tech writer at Australia2Write and Next Coursework, “the best way to do this is to include reviews from third-party sites, by embedding them on your own website. You don’t want to overwhelm your customer by putting reviews on each page though, so only put them on high-traffic pages to showcase your strengths.”

7. Add collaborations or case studies

Reviews can help you build collaborations or case studies by showcasing real, authentic users of your services or products. This includes possibilities for guest blogging, such as on a high-level topic that’s related to your product. This content plays really well with potential clients. Case studies are also great because they highlight real people that have solved a need with your product.

8. Identify brand ambassadors

As mentioned in the previous point, reviews can help you find customers that are loyal and engaged with your brand. These can become brand ambassadors by encouraging their followers or network to adopt your product. This can be done without incentive, or with just a little motivation. There are a lot of different ways to approach a relationship with a brand ambassador, like asking them to write a guest post, retweet your content, or promote discount codes.

It can be difficult to come up with a great content marketing strategy. By using reviews, you can inspire your process and reach new customers. By trying out any of these 8 suggestions, you’re helping your content strategy by making it more relevant and interesting to your target audience.

Michael Dehoyos is a content marketer and editor at Phd Kingdom and Academic brits. He assists companies in their marketing strategy concepts, and contributes to numerous sites and publications. Also, he is a writer at Origin Writings.