Advantages of Running a Business from Home

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Running a successful business is hugely rewarding, both literally (we all like money, right?) and mentally. The feeling of succeeding at going it alone, and standing on your own two feet is immeasurable. Being able to sack off the rat race tradition and build something entirely of your own making is the dream for millions of people around the world. However, building and running a business can be hugely intimidating.

It doesn’t need to be so intimidating. Not even slightly. Like anything, building and running a business can be broken down into small and highly manageable chunks. One of those chunks can be where you work from. In the beginning, the answer should always be ‘home’. Here’s why running a business from home would be great for you, and anyone else looking to build a business.

The Internet makes it All Possible

The internet is amazing. If someone had told you thirty years ago that you’d be able to communicate with, sell to and engage with anyone on the planet, at the touch of a button, you’d be amazed, but we take it all for granted. The business potential, the potential for learning. There’s just so much on here that we don’t utilise properly.

When it comes to starting and running a business, there’s a guide for that. For literally anything. Any business question you might have, there’s a guide, recipe and tutorial video out there. There’s so much amazing useful information just floating around. Utilise it and work from home.

What really makes working from home so easy is Skype and email. Now I realise fully that neither of those is an entirely new revelation, but they can be used to such a powerful extent within a home run business that it seems amiss to not give credit. Both make instant, effective communication exceptionally easy, and will Skype’s screen share abilities and conference call settings, there’s very little that you can’t do. It’s all possible from home.

Working from Home is Cheaper

No commute, and most importantly, no office space overheads. When a fledgling business is just starting out, excessive overheads and running costs can be deadly. Working from home helps deal with that, by simply eliminating many of the costly aspects of running a business. If you live in a city centre, especially somewhere like London, office space can be ridiculously costly. Save your business money, work from home.

We’d like to thank Informi for this insight.