Are women happier at work?

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Are women happier at work?

Although the gender pay gap leans in favour towards males, new research has found that women are actually happier at work.

A survey conducted by Personal Group which was sent out to 1,200 UK employees regarding their happiness, enthusiasm, price and efficiency at work found that 77% of PAYE females are happier at work compared to the 66% for men.

When looking at the full workforce the case is very similar, 45% of women expressed their happiness while only 38% of men agreed. Digging in further, research highlighted that in terms of age women between 30 and 49 are the unhappiest which could be linked to their family/work life balance.

Research also found, that when looking into employee’s enthusiasm, the increase is found with seniority between both male and females. However, 37% of women with seniority expressed their enthusiasm compared to the 30% of men with seniority.

Chief executive officer at Personal Group, Mark Scanlon comments;

“The results of our survey are worrying to say the least. The fact that so many employees rarely or never feel happy at work shows that many businesses are doing something very wrong and are likely suffering the consequences in lost productivity, something which is evident when looking at the results around efficiency. The results make it clear that more money doesn’t result in greater workplace happiness, so the real question is: how can we close this happiness gap and increase overall employee productivity?

“Ultimately, closing both the gender pay gap and the gender happiness gap will require businesses to create a long-term strategy of internal changes, senior management buy-in, education, an open attitude to ask the difficult questions and the positive action to act upon the answers received. Businesses need to fundamentally change the way they write job advertisements, the language they use and what initiatives can be implemented to aid workplace progression and ultimately change the way they think.

“There’s no quick fix for the unconscious bias that has become so ingrained some company cultures, but the steps taken to aid its reduction and elimination will undoubtedly leave the UK with a happier, more engaged, more productive workplace, regardless of gender.”