Are you in touch with digital acquisition for your business?

posted by 5 years ago in Tips

Digital acquisition is a forever growing form of marketing which is continuing to prove its importance, especially for small businesses. The number of avenues that businesses can take to approaching new customers is now huge, we are able to get in front of consumers eyes everywhere they go which offers endless possibilities for businesses.

Technology is changing the way we buy, we are able to talk to our phones, be shown a catalogue of products within seconds and then pay for those products with minimal taps of a screen.

For small businesses this opens up a huge world of advertising opportunities which can sometimes feel overwhelming, how are you meant to decide which routes to try, how much will it cost and will my target audience notice us within the sea of adverts?

The internet has evolved massively in the past few years, you are now able to target your advertising efforts very specifically which offers huge gains to small businesses. Let’s say you are a hardware store owner looking for advertise a new range of hammers in a specific location, you can easily target builders and plumbers, aged between 20 and 60, in your chosen city or area in just a few clicks!

Do you know where your target audience spend their time online? If you sell pet food and you know that a large number of your target audience spend time on Youtube watching cat videos, you can target those who have recently searched on Google for ‘cheap cat food online’ and serve them with an advert right before their next cat video starts!


It is a similar story with a number of other channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and all the other hundreds of content filled sites online!

Sophisticated tools and platforms have now enabled marketers to personalise their advert messaging for a simple one to one consumer connection. Personalisation has been a proven method to help conversion rates, so start making personal connections with your customers ASAP to take advantage of this growing trend!

Another simple way of getting in front of your target audience is through re-targeting which offers several opportunities to get back in front of people you know are interested in your brand or product. If you sell car insurance and know that a year ago a number of your website users were searching for insurance but didn’t convert, you can get back in front of these people around the date of their yearly renewal offering them a better deal!

Mobile optimised sites are continuing to be rolled out and are a must have for all businesses who want to offer an easy option to make purchases whilst on the move. Mobile internet users have now overtaken desktop users, so if you haven’t yet rolled out a mobile version of your website, what are you waiting for?


The technology world is changing rapidly, posters are being replaced by digital screens in streets and buildings up and down the country, television and phone screens are forever getting bigger and the number of internet connected devices shows no sign of slowing down. In fact Gartner recently noted that 6.4 billion pieces of hardware will be connected to the internet in 2016, with that figure estimated to grow year on year.

With the right mind set and creativity, digital acquisition possibilities for your business are becoming never-ending!