Are you the Office Oracle?

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Are you the Office Oracle?

All SMEs have that one ‘go-to’ member who organises trips, runs expenses, answers tax questions and so on. You may believe that their assistance at the time may only be small but according to new research their precious time actually costs £525m per year and those within the technology sector experience it the most. Broken printer, blank screen weird mouse? That’s a job for the oracle.

Broken down into tasks the research found that Office Oracles are fulfilling 16 key targets per day and spend at least 3 hours and 35 minutes each week helping their colleagues.

Top Office Oracle tasks and the time spent per day helping colleagues;

  • Creating graphs and animations for presentations – 1h 49mins
  • Assistant with formulas and graphs in spreadsheets – 1hr 42mins
  • Sending parcels via courier or office postal system – 1hr 24mins
  • Transferring calls – 56mins
  • Organising networking events – 55mins
  • Helping colleagues manage their diaries and inboxes – 48mins
  • Setting up conference call software – 47mins
  • Booking business travel for colleagues – 46mins
  • Filling out purchase orders – 45mins
  • Changing toner or replacing ink cartridges in the printer – 44mins

Of those who took part in the research, three quarters of Office Oracles express that they would work harder if in return some sort of praise was given whether that is a simple ‘thank you’ or a monetary gift for example a raise in their pay.

The research also found that out of all the extra tasks Office Oracles face, making unorganised and last minute edits to rail travels booked is the most sensitive spot for them.

Head of Business Accounts at Trainline, Ananth Ramanthan comments;

“Office Oracles go above and beyond to help their SMEs run efficiently, and our research highlights the need for businesses to both champion them and give access to the tools they need to be more effective.”

Founder of You Need a PA, Polly Hadden-Paton added;

“When I first started working in London, I had to learn pretty quickly how to be a chameleon and juggle vary requests, ensuring my boss’ day to day life ran smoothly, without glitches. The influence of technology is so boundless and has transformed how I work, helping to streamline my workload, saving me hours every week. I’m constantly looking for new, innovative and exciting tools to streamline my day to day workload.”

Head of Business Finance at, Laura Thomas also shares;

“Office Oracles contribute so much more than helping and assisting with everyday problems within the office like changing the ink in the printer or rescheduling train tickets for colleagues and their employers. Their skillset and knowledge adds good value to any business and to replace them would be very hard which means regardless of their day-to-day tasks they must feel appreciated and recognised for all their efforts no matter how small or large the task is.”