Black Friday 2017: 4 tips for your business

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Black Friday 2017 is fast approaching with businesses bracing themselves for the big sale bonanza weekend starting on 24th November.

It was reported that over £2 billion was spent on Black Friday 2016 with many of the larger retailers benefiting from increased sales. YouGov research has suggested that 23 per cent of small companies in the retail sector will be having a Black Friday sales push, with 82 per cent of those taking part expecting to sell more stock during the period than on an average day.

So how do you attract shoppers to your small business over the big weekend? Here are 4 tips…

#1 Don’t let the cat get your tongue

Make some noise, you should be advertising regularly. A great and cheap way to advertise is to use social media – of course if you have a budget to promote it, do it! This will increase your potential reach and your engagement rates. You should also email any existing customers who may have signed up to your weekly newsletters or look out for your promotional offers. It is important to spread the word!

#2 Be realistic

Was last year successful? If this is your second, third or fourth time experiencing the famous sale then look back at previous stats and figures – if something went wrong, look at why that happened and change it. If this is your first time participating in the Black Friday sale then run tests, put out offers and discounts during the up and coming weeks, you will notice many businesses have already started to test the discounted water. A survey carried out by the Royal Mail showed that 31% of business owners thought their biggest issue was distributing orders from their own warehouses! Check that everything is there, and that your employees are ready to deliver to stores or homes efficiently.

#3 Give your customers something positive to talk about

In this case, the bigger the better! You want your customers to be engaging with your sale, you want them to share it all over their social media networks. Not only will this encourage people to visit your store and your site on Black Friday it could also build/create your brand awareness. The sale needs to make a difference to the original price, knocking 10% of something isn’t going make headlines, you need something big, and offering a higher percentage on an overpriced item will get people talking! – Especially if you know it is an item most people want, but can’t necessarily afford.

#4 Don’t give your customers something negative to talk about

Don’t put everything down to that one day. It is so important to run tests. Realistically you have no idea who is going to be visiting your site or your store on the 24th of November, you can have an idea but you won’t know exactly. You must ensure that you have the right amount of stock displayed in your store and that your server/ hosting services can cope with an increase in demand. Offering discounts in advance is a great way to run a test which will show what will happen if a lot of customers visit your business online or in store. Another crucial mistake is not having enough staff working – it could ruin your sales and potentially your day.  Everyone is aware that the queues are going to be massive, but try and avoid it by having enough tills on and people behind them, and don’t forget the shop floor workers, customers want clarity before buying. It’s not just in a building that you will need enough staff, if your business is online, make sure there is always someone there available to answer the phone and someone to take care of any emails regarding the sales or an item.

Good luck!