Is your business on board with Pokémon Go?

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Pokémon Go stormed its way through the world on the 6th of July 2016 with more active users than the likes of Twitter and Tinder so, it’s no wonder that companies across seas are taking advantage of ‘Lures’ and ‘PokeStops!’

So, with consumers walking around like zombies how will YOU lure them into your business? Simple play with them too! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to succeed with Pokémon Go!

Is your business on board with Pokémon Go?

1.      Is your business a PokeStop?

Pokémon Go is different to other apps and games because it involves the community as well as the player, it also ensures that its users do not turn into potatoes once addicted! If your business is highlighted as a Gym or PokeStop then you are in luck as they are the places that attract users to venture to, with no effort at all you are able to gain customers who may not have even heard of your business.


Is your business on board with Pokémon Go?

2.      Purchase Lures!

The most important in-app purchase for businesses – Lures. A lure costs no more than £1 in real money and if your business is a PokeStop, for instance, a cafe or something similar then by purchasing a Lure and putting them on the PokeStop will encourage Pokémon Go players to visit. A lure lasts for half an hour so essentially you could be paying £1.44 an hour to get addicts to come and buy coffee from your café!


Is your business on board with Pokémon Go?

3.      Are you near a Pokémon Gym?

Gyms are completely separate and different to PokeStops, it’s a place for battle (in the Pokémon Go world obviously!) Although, players arrive at the Gym for a fight with Pokémon characters that guard the sacred gym there is no reason why you cannot take full advantage of the addicts around there. Even though you cannot purchase anything to help you gain customers from the battle you can sell relevant merchandise or arrange your business as the meeting point, surely someone will want to buy something?!

Is your business on board with Pokémon Go?

4.      Social Go!

Pokémon Go has been a massive success which obviously means it is all over social media, whether it’s hashtags, forums or pictures of characters it is hard to avoid so you’d be silly not to jump on the bandwagon so what can you do to be seen? Create a marketing campaign that shows off all that you’re offering and even if you aren’t offering much or anything at all you can still tweet, post and comment about the game of 2016! It’s recommended to stick a budget behind your posts and tweets so you can be seen with it being so big it is very easy to get lost in the hype!