Business debt consolidation

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small business debt consolidation

As with all form of borrowing, you should always ensure you can afford the debt carried out before applying. However, not everything is planned, and unforeseen circumstances can cause a barrier in the way of managing.

Business debts can take form in numerous ways;

  • Start-up loans
  • Business credit cards
  • Business overdrafts
  • Business loans

As a business grows, managing debt is a key aspect of failure or success within a business and in many cases it can all become too much, in this case business debt consolidation can be a very effective solution.

So, what is business debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is simply a method of combining numerous existing lines of credit and loans and forming them into one account at the lowest interest rate possible. This is usually done through one loan with the funds used to pay off the existing debts – this is so there is only one loan left to be paid off making cash flow much more manageable.

What are the advantages of business debt consolidation?

For businesses with numerous debts that have become uncontrollable, debt consolidation is a good way to get yourself back on track, by proceeding with debt consolidation you are managing the debts that have gotten out of hand and also;

  • Ensuring the creditors are managed if debts fell into arrears
  • Avoiding the options of collection agencies
  • Securing the business assets
  • Managing the business cash flow
  • Taking steps against business insolvency

What to consider?

When considering anything that is to do with your business it is always worth seeking professional advice. As a first point of contact, your accountant or bank account manager may be able to advise you. Alternatively, business finance and recovery specialists are there to review your business finances and talk through the options you will have regarding the situation your business is in.