How you can make the most of job-seeking high

posted by 5 years ago in Tips

Do you want the good news or the bad news? The bad news is that employee satisfaction at work has dropped to its lowest level for over two years. The good news is that almost a quarter of employees in the UK have job seeking intentions.

If you’re a growing business that treats employees fairly and creates a positive work environment then there are ways you can capitalise on this trend. Here’s how…

Ensure your current employees are happy at work

How do you know? Well, if their general demeanour, attitude to work and relationship with colleagues isn’t enough to go by, you could always ask them. Opening the lines of communication between yourself and your employees is a massive factor in ensuring a happy and harmonious work environment. Be prepared for some negative comments. Whilst it might be tempting to put a junior employee in his or her place when they question the business you’ve injected with years of personal and professional experience and put your heart and soul into, it’s far more productive to listen to their point of view, make changes where possible and explain your decisions.

Word-of-mouth can be influential in helping a good candidate decide whether to apply for a position at your company so it’s crucial that you have a happy workforce.

Stand out from other employers

Do you offer the basics like parking, somewhere to eat and rest and a quiet area? If not, why not? If the basics are missing then your employees are not going to feel happy, comfortable or valued and future employees certainly won’t be impressed. Consider what you can offer above these basics such as healthcare, away days, seasonal gifts, leisure membership and bonuses. If you’re not in a position to invest in these incentives financially then get the basics right.

Promoting what’s on offer to employees, above their basic salary, is a good way of showing them you value your colleagues and can be the difference between a good candidate applying for a position with your company or looking elsewhere.

Promote a work/ life balance

Whilst you might live and breathe your business, there needs to be some realisation that your employees won’t necessarily feel the same and will have other important aspects in their life such as family, friends, hobbies, sports, politics, charity or voluntary work. Whilst these aspects might not contribute directly to their work tasks they do ensure well-rounded and satisfied individuals. Show an interest in their personal life and interests and make sure you know in advance when they are taking annual leave and, unless it’s entirely unavoidable, leave them alone to relax and switch off from their job.

Make it known to future employees that you value individualism and encourage a work/ life balance.

Train and mentor your staff

Over a quarter of employees questioned by CIPD/Halogen for their Employee Outlook report expressed that they are dissatisfied with the opportunity to develop their skills in their job. 36 per cent felt that they are unlikely to fulfil their career aspirations in their current organisation.

If you invest in quality training and development it will make your company more attractive to candidates.

Let future employees know you have a social conscience

Let’s face it salary and work environment are the two biggest factors candidates take into account when deciding whether to apply for a position. However, if a company demonstrates a social conscience either in terms of environmental concern, community engagement or charity work, employees are far more likely to look twice at that job advert.

Public perception of your business and the work that you do can have an impact on whether people want to work for you.