Content Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses: The Ultimate Guide

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If you aren’t focusing your strategies on content marketing, your marketing efforts will never reach their full potential. Content is the king, they say, and for a good reason. In fact, content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. Follow our guide to content marketing for hints and tips.

With the right choice of content, you can convert any user into a buyer, spread brand awareness, and turn your small business into the best of the best. This ultimate guide will introduce you to some key steps you need to take if you are ready to use content marketing as one of your marketing tools.

Know your target audience

Content marketing is your opportunity to engage with your audience and establish some sort of relationship.

Small businesses need to know their audience. Considering that your audience isn’t as broad as for the big brands, each customer plays a big role in your success.

The more information you have on your target audience, the easier it will be to create a guide to content marketing that will appeal to them.

Let’s say that you are selling anti-aging face cream. Your target audience will probably be women in their forties or fifties. However, it is better to have confirmation of your assumptions.

The way you can determine your target audience is to prepare a questionnaire for your current customers. Ask them about their gender, age, employment, purchasing habits, likes, and dislikes. Make the questionnaire concise and short.

If you are not collecting enough data over your website, share the same survey on your social media platforms.

Based on the results, brainstorm about the content that they would find interesting.

Focus on your website’s content

The website is the home of the business. Unfortunately, less than two-thirds (64%) of small businesses have a website. This shows that they still haven’t recognized its importance.

The statistic can work in your favour. If you invest your time and energy in your website content, it will stand out among the rest.

81% of customers will first research a specific business online and then making a purchase, which means that your website needs to convert.

You need to build a website that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. That is why you should work with a professional. Discuss with them which elements need to pop (such as call-to-action button) and create a great website.

Besides that, you’ll also need some amazing content to go along with that. Find some writing services that can help you with this part. Some of the possible choices are:

  • Trust My Paper – Their team of professionals knows how to adapt to any assignment and produce content based on your needs
  • Grab My Essay – If you want high-quality content, this service will connect you with their talented and experienced writers.
  • Studicus – Working with the best writers in the business, this writing services can meet any of your writing needs.
  • Hemingway Editor – Before you make your content public, use this app to proofread and edit the writing.

Make your content accessible

What’s the point of all your troubles if the users can’t find your website?

Optimise your content if you want people to know about it. Even the greatest content will have no purpose if it isn’t optimised.

Start by implementing keywords. You can find your main keywords by using Google Keyword Planner.

Get the info on your competitors’ data from SEMrush. The tool will reveal which is your ideal content length, which platform you should target, where you can get your backlinks, and give you some more ideas on keywords.

In case your audience speaks more than one language, use a translation review website such as IsAccurate and find the best localisation and translation service. Adapting your SEO to your target audience is crucial.

Don’t forget that your main aim is to convince search engines that your content is valuable and credible. If you manage to do that, your audience will love it as well.

Only produce high-quality content

This should go without saying, but there are still so many businesses that don’t invest in high-quality content. Before you publish any type of content ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this content authentic?
  • Is this content informative?
  • Is this content engaging?
  • Can my audience learn something valuable from this content?
  • Is this content supported by credible data?
  • Is this content structured?
  • Is this content accurate?
  • Is this content genuinely helpful?

Your content is ready to publish if answers to all of these questions are yes. In case you are having trouble with creating such content read these writing tips that can improve your business content.

Make your content diverse

Keep your audience interested by creating different types of content and covering various topics.

When you run out of ideas, you can always turn to Google Trends to see what is currently trending. People love to read about hot topics. Besides that, you can use Quora to directly ask people what they would like to read about.

You can incorporate any of the following content types:

  • Interviews
  • Video tutorials
  • Live videos
  • Pictures (funny images, behind the scenes, employee introductions, etc.)
  • Q&As
  • Case studies
  • Personal stories
  • Listicles

Just make sure to adapt them to the platform where you will post them.

Use social media platforms

Don’t forget about joining social media networks. These fascinating platforms have become essential for content promotion.

Without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn you’ll be falling behind.

The key is to adapt content to the platform you are using. For example, Instagram Stories and Live Videos are the current trending ways of using Instagram. On the other hand, you can use branded Facebook content for important statements and re-posting interesting stories.

Research your successful competitors to see what works for them. Your audience probably has similar preferences so that can help you out.

If you want to be bold, reach out to competitor’s followers. Ask them what type of content they would like to see on your social media profile. A direct inquiry will give you the most precise answers.

Some final thoughts

Once you master these several steps, your content will be ready to conquer the market. If you devote yourself to perfecting your own guide to content marketing, you’ll see how noticeable will your achievements be.

This is not an easy task for a small business, but it is certainly possible. Simply aim for high-quality, be thoughtful of your audience’s needs, and always do your research. Once you achieve content excellence, the only task you’ll have is to keep up the good work.

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