How to create the right work culture for success

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With her position as British Prime Minister about to begin Theresa May has been tasked with uniting her party and government post Brexit. Here we take a look at how to create the right work culture for success.

Make some effort!

And no, an email sometimes won’t cut it! Instead of just linking with your colleagues on social media try and actually connect with them in person – however, don’t literally follow them unless you want to come across like you’re a stalker! Introducing yourself and starting a conversation are key to easing the atmosphere.

Mutual Respect – it won’t go unnoticed!

A phrase many know; ‘treat those around you how you wish to be treated.’ Showing appreciation does not always mean you are a suck up! If anything it makes you seem and look more approachable and engaged with what is going on around you in your team/setting. Also… bonus! – I am sure your boss will notice too!

You might not always be right – hard to believe?

Your whole team will be full of ideas just like you and although you want to steal the spotlight sometimes it’s best to listen to what others are saying. It’s only fair that you listen to them especially as you expect them to listen to you.

Trust those who are around you

Although trusting a person can take a lot of time you must try to assume that you’re working with adults that are capable of consuming responsibility which means none of them should ever feel as if they are below you and are kept out of the loop. When it comes to work related stuff it might be you passing on something but by announcing it someone who has no concern in the matter will also put their neck on the line.

Apply for courses offered!

If there are courses offered to you within the workplace, then it is important to apply for them – even if they are not going to benefit you in your exact job role – it is further education for yourself. Also, overcoming something you initially never even knew about can really boost morale which will then add confidence to yourself and your work.

Team incentives & activities

A great way to get staff to know each other and feel comfortable around one another is to make them work together – at first ease them in and let them work with their team but then mix and match the structure of the team and get them to work with people they might not even know! This will may cause competition but, there is nothing wrong with that… as long as it is healthy competition!

Featured Image: By DFID – UK Department for International Development via Wikimedia Commons