Do your employees sprint or stagger into work?

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11.3 million working days were lost between the years of 2013 and 2014 due to depression, stress or anxiety according to new research. This highlights the importance of balancing work and personal life out, so nothing becomes ‘overloaded.’

The happiness felt by a person at night time as they lay their head against the pillow should continue throughout the night to the morning when that draining monotone alarm starts ringing at 6 am with a message you saved saying ‘it’s time to wake up!’ At Northwestern University in Chicago, researchers found that employees who are in view of a natural light while they are doing their job, tend to sleep for an extra 46 minutes at night meaning they are more alert and enthusiastic during working hours.

Bars and pubs emphasise the brilliance of happy hour, but shouldn’t happy hour (without the alcohol!) be during work hours?

Software developer Angel Solutions have found that a fun environment to work in increases staff morale and well-being. Their meeting room has been designed as, what looks like, a circus with weird, yet wonderful mirrors dotted around, a unicycle, and a caravan! Andy Kent, the Chief Executive explained, “We wanted to introduce something fun to help boost morale.”

According to a study taken by the University of Exeter, the biggest boost for employees is allowing them to design their own workspace if they know what is on their desks and around them then it is meant to increase their well-being and their attendance. A chartered psychologist, Dr Craig Knight assisted the research, he found that workers who have control over their workspace are happier and more motivated.

He said, “The best kind of work spaces are decorated by you and your teammates and not imposed on you. Variation in the workspace engages you psychologically – so if money has been spent on making you feel better, your wellbeing increases.”

Here are our 3 tips for promoting a happy work environment:

  1. Relationships

In order to sustain a happy workplace and productive days, you must have a positive relationship with your staff, whether they’re a manager or a cleaner, they are the ones that have enabled you to get to where you are today. The relationship should always be positive with your colleagues and your customers.

  1. That famous saying…

“Treat those the way you wish to be treated.” Fairness is everything regardless of a job role (like previously mentioned). Everyone that works for and with you should be treated in the same way that you want to be treated. That means equality, never forget that respect really goes a long way. Respect that goes both ways provides a healthy and sustainable work setting.

  1. Incentives & Challenges

Incentives are fun and they bring the team together to work hard. Incentives are proven to boost morale in the workspace. Knowing you have a chance of winning something for yourself or your team really helps with time management, consistency and effort levels. Okay, so challenges are a lot like incentives but with a challenge there isn’t always a reward, and incentives can be easy whereas a challenge… well, that is self-explained. No one wants a full day that is half productive. Your employer doesn’t want it and neither do you. Being sat at your desk, or standing on the shop floor with nothing to do or no customers can become very tedious and it can be draining. Make sure there is always something to do and if you can’t find anything, just ask!

And, if you’re stuck for ideas about how to motivate your staff, you could always take inspiration from some of these workplace luxuries that are claimed to have been tried and tested by creative companies:

  • On-site massage (LinkedIn and Samsung)
  • MetroNap EnergyPod (Google)
  • On-site doctor’s office (SAS)
  • On-site bar (Yelp)
  • On-site laundry/ dry cleaning (Facebook, Google, Twitter)