Ensure your staff don’t turn into work potatoes!

posted by 5 years ago in Tips

Let’s face it desk to coffee machine to bathroom to water cooler is not exactly a work-out is it? A new report’s found SME workers believe their employers aren’t helping them to avoid piling on the pounds – and they’re not happy about it! 59% claimed that longer working hours mean they have less time to exercise and 44% percent were fed up with having to rely on an unhealthy vending machine for snacks according to the findings by Willis PMI group.

Having arranged for a Pilates instructor to visit our offices once a week for a staff workout here at Businesscomparison.com we’re feeling very virtuous on this topic so here are our top tips for keeping your staff fit and healthy.

Gym membership

Whilst this was all the rage 10 years ago with many companies even installing their own gyms it seems gym membership is a dying perk! Just 15 per cent of employers currently support reduced gym memberships, falling to 13 per cent for those that have on-site workout facilities. As well as helping your staff stay fit and healthy (and happy?) striking up a deal with a local gym to offer membership can also give staff a healthy way of socialising today in a sober and purposeful environment.

Hire an instructor

If a gym membership is a financial step too far then hiring an instructor to come to your workplace is a great idea! Bear in mind that this is only possible with a smaller number of staff at any one time and that you should use a properly qualified instructor. It’s advisable to carry out a risk assessment and make sure you are in a safe and suitable environment.  Nobody wants a laptop falling on them during the double knee lift! Equally distressing could be the sight of Bernard from accounts in neon cycling shorts so it’s worth having a sensible dress code in place too!

Offer free fruit

It’s the middle of the afternoon, your blood sugar levels are dropping and there’s a Mars Bar winking at you from the vending machine (metaphorically speaking). It’s going to take massive willpower to resist, however if there’s a fruity alternative for free and within reach it’ll almost certainly make it easier to curb the sugar craving.

Fresh air

There’s a lot to be said for stepping out of the workplace for a break (no – not a cigarette break!) and having a walk. Not only is this a healthier option than eating at your desk but it’s also proven to help cut down stress levels. Even if you’re in the middle of an industrial estate and the environment is not the loveliest there are still massive benefits to getting out and about.


It’s a colleague’s birthday – you eat cake! You’ve taken on new staff – you have welcome drinks! It’s Christmas – you go out for a meal! You’ve won a new client – more cake! It’s Friday – more drinks! Get the idea? Try to mix up the incentives and celebrations so they don’t always involve extra calories. Experience days, quizzes and sport are all alternatives.