Give your staff a Christmas party to remember this year

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Thinking of organising some last minute festive fun for your employees? Take a look at our suggestions below, they will certainly give them something to shout about on social media!


Bowling gets everyone involved, whether they are against each other or on the same team. It is casual enough to do during the working day, which a lot of employees will prefer, especially those who live far away from the office!

Bowling is a traditional favourite of many (even if they won’t admit it!)

Where to go?

All Star Lanes has said goodbye to old fashioned bowling lanes and hello to new exciting ones! There are five All Star Lanes dotted around the UK.

Christmas Markets!

Whether you’re in a city with a fantastic one or you decide to travel to the nearest one, there is usually a festive Christmas market nearby. Christmas markets have become very popular in many cities such as the capital and Manchester and attract visitors from across the UK and around the world, especially Europe!

Visiting a Christmas Market for your Christmas do could be a massive crowd pleaser, what’s more festive than fresh food and a big pot of mulled wine?

A Cooking Workshop

Get your employees cooking! Food workshops are popping up all around the UK. They are festive and involve creating delights like gingerbread houses, again something you can do during the working day.

Not only will your team bond over the shared activities but you’ll also create some delicious treats to take home.

Where to go?

Konditor & Cook is a well-recognised cookery class located in many areas across the UK.

A Day or Night on a Boat (rented of course!)

If you live near to a river, barge or canal then renting a boat for an evening or a day could be a fantastic idea. Your team can wind down and enjoy a Christmas dinner and drinks whilst either sailing away or hovering over the gentle (we hope!) waves.

A Party Bus Tour!

Why not paint the town red in a party bus this year? The bus will cruise through your local city to a set schedule then whoever is ready for their PJs and bed can return home whilst those who are ready to get their feet back on the ground can go out dancing!

How can I get one?

If you visit Boogie Bus you will find a variety of party buses that are suitable for any occasion.

Crazy Golf

Put your checked pants on and your golf clubs out this Christmas, and get your employees competing against each other around a golf course (typically indoors – which is a bonus!). Crazy golf is a fantastic way to get all team members involved, regardless of their age. It is also a trip out that can be during the working week and hours.

Where can I find one?

Visit the Crazy Golf Company to find the nearest crazy golf course to you.

Of course, all suggestions are just our humble opinion. Don’t blame us if (as so often with Christmas work parties) all doesn’t go to plan!