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You, of course, also heard the hype that the SEO is dead, it no longer makes sense, and the most important element of the content strategy is high-quality, readable, useful and interesting materials.

Yes, as far as the content is concerned, this is really true. Not even the most competent SEO strategy will put the site at the top of search results if the published content has zero value.

However, arguing that the SEO is no longer relevant, it does not work, and does not bring the result would be extremely erroneous. In this article we explain why it is still important to engage in SEO promotion, analyse the results and allocate a separate budget for this task.

SEO Really Pays Off

You can use many different ways to increase traffic to your site. These are personalised email letters, contests on social networks, registration bonuses, trendy chatbots, contextual advertising, guest posting and much more.

But SEO (of course, if you have developed a competent strategy) is something that pays off always, everywhere and under any circumstances. You invest in content and SEO promotion once – and get comprehensive results. This is a one-time investment but a long-term perspective.

At the same time, users who come to you from organic search will be as targeted as possible, because they know exactly what they are looking for. Obviously, this method of attracting traffic is not only one of the most effective, but also one of the cheapest, because you make only one investment, and in return, you get tens, hundreds, thousands, even millions of targeted users.

If we talk about real business indicators, then inbound leads – buyers who are looking for goods on their own, are 61% cheaper than the leads that the company is looking for with its marketing efforts. It is the incoming leads that come through search engines. SEO strategies will make the site work around the clock 365 days a year, while the activity of traditional advertising depends on seasonal factors.

Why does it work that way? Find out in the next paragraph.

Most Users Do Not Look beyond the Second Page of the Issue

They will not do that. Have you yourself looked beyond the second page at least once? In most cases, this simply does not make sense, since it is absolutely realistic to find answers to your questions on sites from the top. Very often, it does not even make sense to scroll to the end of the first page of search results.

Do you know why? This is because SEO works. This is because someone found out what questions users are asking online and created quality content in return. All ranking factors are closely interconnected – the user asks a question in the search bar, Google selects the best matches and then evaluates how the user behaves on a particular site.

And here it is equally important both the presence of key phrases and the quality of the content, both from a practical point of view and from the point of view of convenience of its perception.

SEO Can Work Both Directly and Indirectly

All you need to do is create quality content once. SEO works for the good of your site directly when you post interesting articles on your site. But its possibilities do not end here.

You will receive targeted users to the site, even if you published your material on a third-party resource, and of course, optimised it according to requests.

This is another argument in favour of SEO – you can get targeted traffic, even if Google indexed a page on another site, not yours.

The Use of Mobile Devices Has Become Widespread

A few years ago, while promoting sites, we only thought about computers, but now the Internet is literally everywhere, and users spend up to a quarter of their time in it. As a result, all marketing strategies have undergone radical changes.

Using the Internet and sharing data on mobile devices, search engines are laying down more local results. An SEO strategy will help your business maintain a powerful online presence even among local websites. In fact, investing in a good SEO strategy will help you get a better place on the results page when it comes to searching in your area.

This Is a Chance to Get Ahead Picking up a Trendy Wave

Yes, SEO is dynamic, and search engines are constantly coming up with new ways to be as useful to users as possible. And competition in the online business is increasing proportionally.

According to authoritative forecasts, by the end of 2020, most search queries will be made with the voice. If you know about it today, then you have a chance to overtake those who decided to ignore this trend.

It is definitely worth investing in voice SEO and take into account its specifics. For example, it is obvious that using voice search, people will ask direct questions, for example – How to make a cake. For comparison, using a text search, they would simply write a “cake recipe.”

Such a change in approach means that you must also change the approach to content and begin to give direct, clear and short answers to the questions posed.


Thus, it can be confidently stated that the SEO will not become the thing of the past. Of course, the mechanisms of indexing and ranking, and the trends in the use of search technologies are changing, and this must be taken into account in your strategy.

We recommend developing and investing in comprehensive SEO strategies that will help your users to get answers to their questions with text format, and also not to forget that the videos do not lose their position, and voice search will become increasingly popular.

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