Hobnobbing with Karen Bach from KalliKids

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Hobnobbing with Karen Bach from KalliKids

We hobnob with Karen Bach from KalliKids about the idea behind the Trip Advisor for kids!

So, what does KalliKids do?

KalliKids is essentially Trip Advisor for kids’ activities with some up front checking.

The “Approved by KalliKids” badge means that real parents have recommended those activities and that KalliKids has seen proof of qualifications claimed.

Our mission is to improve quality for kids and give parents information they can trust.

What’s behind the business idea?

As a parent myself, I found it hard to find the right activities for our children. The hockey team that suits one child won’t suit another and the clubs will only tell you the good stuff.

We are all very used to buying holidays and books with reviews – why not activities for the most precious things in our lives?

Was there a breakthrough moment?

No real epiphany moment – more a gradual shaping of an idea into more detail. Once we had customers, listening to their feedback became key and we have adapted what we do to what our parents and children’s activities want.

What is unique about your business?

We have three USPs:

  • The approval process – gives activities their badge of honour and parents reassurance
  • The technology platform we have just brought in-house – giving new functionality with more to come soon
  • Our customer focus – we go the extra mile with a smile

You have a number of high-profile ambassadors – how did that partnership come about?

We want to inspire children to try new things as that gives them confidence and social skills alongside the actual skill they learn. Our Ambassadors are all people who once tried something new and loved it. They stuck to whatever it was and were all hugely successful and are therefore inspirational. Roger Black has World and Olympic medals, Jordanne Whiley has won grand slams in wheelchair tennis and both are OBEs. Hugely inspirational.

KalliKids supported 85 kids to take part in activities, how important is it to have a social purpose?

Very important and it fits so naturally with our ethos and values. The Sponsored Child programme has helped the children gain skills where they would not have been able to in any other way but it has also helped whole families. The programme has helped children deal with the loss of family members, serious illnesses, bullying at school or just simply overcoming confidence issues.

We are very proud indeed to have helped these children.


What is your definition of a positive customer experience?

Someone who is happy to recommend you, happy to renew their subscription and who is smiling as they come off the phone with you. We are a small, growing business: when we make a mistake we always say sorry and do our best to put it right.


You’re currently reaching out to investors, what do you plan to do when you have raised this funding?

This is round 3 for us and the aim is to use this investment to achieve the milestones we need to get larger investors onboard.

What advice would you give yourself now if were starting a business?

To plan for double the costs and half the revenue in the business plan. To keep things simple and not try to run before you can walk.

Finally, Karen what is your favourite biscuit?

Lemon puff sandwiches – just like we used to eat as kids at 1970s parties