How do I turn my small business into a big brand?

posted by 5 years ago in Tips

It’s no secret that big names spend money on branding, however the importance of brand is often overlooked by sole, micro and small businesses who are often occupied with the job in hand. So why is brand so important?

Branding can help you to convey what is special and unique about your business. Whilst you may be busy with the day to day tasks of getting the job done and ensuring your customers are happy, creating a positive and distinct impression of your enterprise through how you brand it is crucial.

So how do you go about creating a brand for your business?

Decide on your key message

If you’re not clear about what your business stands for then how can you expect potential customers and clients to pick you out from the crowd? Note down your core values and apply them to your business activity consistently and clearly. Communicate your values to your staff and suppliers – shared values can create consistency and instill confidence.

Be consistent

Your customers will value your product or service more if you are honest and reliable both in your standards and in the way that you communicate with them. This will help to reinforce the character of your business and ensure customers are aware of exactly what to expect.

Don’t copy

Don’t try to mimic the message or look of big brands. Make sure you carve out your own distinctive identity – it can be the reason why customers choose you over the bigger companies.

Stand out from the crowd

Be innovative and daring. There’s nothing wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve and customers may respect you all the more for not being a faceless entity. Take the opportunity to explain your business ethos directly to customers and seek feedback wherever possible.

Don’t assume a logo will do the trick for you

Whilst a logo will be useful in providing a visual representation for you when it comes to marketing it cannot fully represent your brand. Use social media, polish up your website and train your staff in customer service. All will help to convey your professionalism and unique message.