How good is your team?

posted by 5 years ago in Features

As many employers and employees will know (whether that be from experience) a person would rather work with a good team that offers a terrible product rather than working with a bad team that sells a good product.

Workers spend an average of 43.6 hours in work a week, this is balanced across 5 days a week (if you are full time) that means that without holidays you only have two days off per week. So if you are spending so much time in work then surely you want to work with people that are actually good at what they do.

There are three key areas to having a good team, so does yours include…

Enough Managers with the right authority?

When given the title ‘manager’ some reveal a different frame of mind which many like to call a ‘power trip.’ When a person is given a promotion or a job as a manager it is important that they know what they are in charge of and what they professionally do not have a say in. Managers are still employees so they cannot take on a role as the employer (unless told otherwise!)

Skills required to run your business?

It’s no secret that there has been a skills shortage developing over the past year, however, it is widely known that there have been solutions such as apprenticeships offered as alternatives to the gap in the market. It is significant that you are you working with people who are right for the job, especially if you are a small business that cannot afford empty desks. There are so many roles that make up a business so you must ensure all positions are filled in order for your business to function productively.

Do your employees know what they are doing?

Regardless of the size of your business, every worker must know what their job role is and what they actually do for a living! It is okay for your employees to do more than one thing within their role but they must know what they are coming to work to do. If they can answer the question; “So, what do you do here?” and they can answer it with one simple answer then they know what they are doing if they struggle to answer then they need some clarity.

If you answered yes to all of the above then congratulations! You have your dream team eager and ready to work, if you are doubtful then it is worth reviewing your team, perhaps you need to expand to reach your ultimate goal which we are sure is a successful business?!