How to avoid fireworks in your office

posted by 5 years ago in Guide

We understand how dramas can escalate within the workplace, whether it’s competition, or personal opinions it’s there, regardless of the situation it’s rarely worth flying off the handle like a Catherine wheel or exploding like a rocket! No matter how much stress you may be under you must always act professionally because… if you’re openly aggressive you could run the risk of losing your job.

So, if you are reading this with a specific person in mind, then it’s very wise to read on and find out how to avoid the explosion of fireworks before they are lit.

What may have happened in school is not acceptable now

Unfortunately, no matter how old you are issues between people are always going to happen. However, what may have simmered away under the surface at school is most definitely not acceptable anymore. School grounds and office spaces are very different and it’s important that you know when to draw the line.

Before the issue gets out of hands, go to someone with authority and inform them of the issue so you can avoid taking it into your own hands (literally!)

No one likes a keyboard warrior

Again, something which might have been okay (to a point) when you were younger is completely out of the question now. If you need to rant about your day then talk to family or friends, don’t take to social media seeking attention, it might seem like the best place to blow off some steam but regardless of how private your page is, there is always a way to be caught, whether that is a friend of a friend of a friend people know each other, and you should think about how small this world is!

No one is saying that you can’t express yourself – just do it the right way and talk to someone before potentially damaging your companies brand online. Remember social media is public, once it’s out there it’s too late, even if you delete it an hour later chances are someone has seen that and they could have taken a screen shot. Don’t risk your job over a tweet.

Take a breath before hitting send

This doesn’t have to be a personal issue with anyone, this could be passing on feedback which is negative, which is perfectly fine but it must be done right. Sending an email exploding about an issue (which can more than likely be resolved) should be sent in a tone which doesn’t give anyone a right to complain or get upset over.

Let the blood boiling in your head settle before you even begin writing an email to the person that has made an issue, this could even be your whole team. You don’t want anyone complaining about your attitude which could turn into a bullying claim.

If you don’t need to communicate then stay away

Although, working with someone you’re not a fan of can be hard, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. There is always a way around it, if you’re sensible enough then you would have already told someone above yourself and the person in question so they are aware of the situation. If you need work-related things from them then you can go to this person who will assist the matter, whether they get them or change your roles slightly there is always a way to avoid unnecessary drama.

Remember, it makes you look more professional by resolving the issue – if it’s past that then it is important to address it with senior staff.