How to stop the middle aged spread pile on during working hours

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One You, a national health campaign aimed at those aged 45 to 64 has stormed across England aiming to help people to stave off the dreaded middle-aged spread.

With full-time workers spending 50 per cent of their week at work or doing work-related things it’s significant to maintain healthy during those hours.

Did you know that over two-fifths of middle-aged women and men are living with an illness or a disability in England? Public Health England backed One You has been created to warn that unless lifestyle habits are changed many will face an early retirement or even a premature death. Research has shown that people who eat healthily and exercise regularly during their middle ages can double their chances of remaining healthy at 70.

The main message of the campaign is that it’s all about making the right choices for a long, happy and healthy life so we at have put together a list of alternatives – from cigarette breaks to squash after work… we have it covered!

Lift or Stairs?

It is commonly known that many will always take the easier option, they will say it is to save time or that they get out of breath walking up and down the stairs, well the fact is if you are panting and puffing after walking up a flight of stairs then you need to do it more often! The more you take the stairs the easier it becomes! So next time someone holds the lift for you, tell them to join you on the stairs!


Did you know any increase in activity will help you stay and keep fit? Just walking up a flight of stairs can develop your stamina, fitness levels and it will burn more calories as it is an incline rather than a flat pathway!


Lunch or Gym?

Does your job involve sitting down for 8 hours straight? Do you think you have gained weight because of this? Well if you have answered yes to both then here is your enlightenment – work out during your work day! It might not sound the most pleasant coming back to your desk sweaty and with a belly rumbling but if you plan your day properly then there won’t be any issues. Before you travel to the gym make sure you have given your stomach time to digest any foods but make sure it is enough to fill you up – remember you still have half a day to go! It is recommended that you should have a heavy snack like yogurt and granola and fruit (fresh or dried) an hour before you go to the gym, think of it like brunch or a second breakfast! Try and wear something that you can work in and work out in, obviously, this only applies for the morning, make sure you take a fresh pair of clothes for the afternoon!

Weights vs sandwich




Did you know that 3 out 4 men and 2 out of 3 women suffer from obesity and being overweight?


Cigarette break or a trip to the water cooler?

Cravings, what a horrible thing to have!  Many believe smoking is their key to destressing, what they don’t know is that water is a great alternative for relaxing any issues on the mind! Instead of going for that ‘desperately needed’ cigarette go to the water cooler and drink as much water as you can. Swap nicotine for minerals and within a month you will feel much healthier and energetic, and those stairs you are so desperately trying to avoid will no longer seem like Mount Everest!

Man refusing cigarettes concept for quitting smoking and healthy



Did you know that out of 8 million adults almost 1 in 5 smoke?



Happy hour or squash after work?

After a long day in the office, one person suggests the two for one offer in the local bar and everyone’s head pops up, and as tempting as it is, binge drinking is not healthy – regardless of the amount! Swap your pint for a racket after work and you can still catch up with your colleagues and friends whilst playing and you can whack any unwanted anger from your long draining day!

Time For Fitness Motivation On Concept Clock




Did you know drinking is full of calories, 5 pints per week over a year adds up to over 40,000 calories?


Overload on Netflix or sleep?

We all know what happens when we start a new series… we get hooked! You get into bed and start the first episode at 8 pm next thing you know you’re on the 5th episode and its midnight, and already you know work is going to be hell. It is so important to get enough sleep per day because if you are tired then your mood, productivity and your quality of work will be affected. A lack of sleep can trigger depression and anxiety which are both mental health issues. Instead of getting carried away schedule one episode per night if you suffer from a weak will power then turn and hide any mobile devices off (you might have to buy an old school alarm clock but it will be worth it!) try turning your Wi-Fi off as well and mobile data so you are not tempted even if you have your phone on your bedside table!

Male Hands Holding Ipad With App Netflix On The Screen In The Of


Did you know that those who sleep for less than 7 hours per day are 30% more than likely to suffer from obesity compared to those who are sensible and have at least 9 hours!