International Women’s Day

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Serena Humphrey from The F Word

The achievements of women across the world are being celebrated today in the annual event that was first started in the United States in 1909. This International Women’s Day we reflect on words of wisdom from the successful businesswomen we’ve interviewed at




“Keep smiling. You might have had a bad day, you might have worked an 80 hour week, someone might have been really rude to you or complained they didn’t like the colour of your cushions! But, remember your customers come in to see you and your smiling face, so don’t let them down!”    

Jade Barrett, Ginger Wine Bar & Delicatessen                     






“Don’t give up – as a mentor friend of mine says, failure is not falling down – it’s staying down. Just keeping going is success in itself. Or as Churchill (reputedly) said: if you are going through hell, keep on going.”

Michelle Ovens MBE, Small Business Saturday





“The key ingredient to success is grit, and to keep going, even when things feel awful.  Motivation just isn’t something you can teach. You’ve either got the fire or you haven’t.”

Serena Humphrey, The F Word




“Ask for help and take it gratefully, share your plans  and make sure you have the right people and resources in place and then plan! Tell your family and friends you are about to be consumed with this new business and ask for their patience and help – you will need it.”

Carrie Mosley, The Family Pet Show