Introducing the new key business players

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Since the UK decided to leave the European Union, key business members having been pulling out like boybands of the 90’s! But what we need to know is what changes they are planning to make to sustain our economy and the business life that storms throughout the UK.

So, what have they been tweeting about?!

Philip Hammond – Replacing the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne

Theresa May – Replacing the former Prime Minister, David Cameron

Greg Clark – Business & Energy Secretary

Emma Jones MBE – Female Entrepreneur appointed as Small Business Crown Representative

With tweets so publicly out there let’s see if our new key business players are ready to take over, stick to their plans and adapt to the outcomes of the EU Referendum during the foreseeable future!

Featured Image: Philip Hammond – By Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Foreign Secretary), Commons Wikimedia, Wikimedia Commons