Are you making these mistakes with your online presence?

posted by 5 years ago in Tips

With 54 per cent of small businesses now having a website, the importance of going online is undeniable. However, having a website is just the first step towards creating an effective web presence for your business. Here are 5 common pitfalls to avoid:

Not having a mobile friendly site

In 2015 Google declared that searches on smartphone and tablets had surpassed traditional desktop search for the first time in history. A failure to cater your website to mobile users removes your business from online competition within your specific field. According to a survey from Google, 72 per cent of mobile users consider it important for a website to be mobile-friendly. Can you afford not to prioritise mobile?

Not communicating with your customers

Your website is for your customers and it’s important not to forget that. The site should seek to inform and engage customers so that they can make informed purchasing choices. The greater the communication then the more chance of increasing sales through optimised engagement.

Underestimating the value of local SEO

It’s always worth considering what your customers are looking for and an online hunt for a service or products along with a geographical location is typical. For example, ‘Italian restaurants in Bristol’. Using local keywords, making online listings consistent, embedding a google map in your website and verifying your Google My Business listing are all worthwhile strategies.

Not using customer reviews to your advantage

Love them or loathe them, online reviews have become a crucial part of customers purchasing decisions. A massive 88 per cent of customers have said they trust these online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. As a small business, you should encourage reviews as they can help inform the way you deal with customers. Because they are counted as fresh content, reviews can also have a positive impact on search engine optimisation (SEO).