How to save money on your staff Christmas party without being a Scrooge

posted by 4 years ago in Tips

Many business owners are keen to celebrate staff success and give colleagues the opportunity to bond by having a Christmas party. However, the cost of revelling during the festive season can soon stack up. So, how do you give staff a good time on a budget without looking like a Scrooge? Read on…

Stay in-house

Do you have space in the office to host the party? Music and decorations can create a good atmosphere and at least all your staff will know where to show up for the party!

Timing is everything

If having an evening party is too costly then consider taking your staff out to celebrate over lunch or brunch. You’d be surprised how many workers appreciate not giving up an evening for staff celebrations!

Do your research

Start planning your celebration early and compare prices on venues, food and drink. Leaving it to the last minute could cost you dearly.

Spread the cheer

Are there other local businesses that would consider celebrating with you? Teaming up with other companies can help you spread the cost as well as livening up the proceedings with some new faces.

Get everyone involved

Okay, so it’s unlikely you have a magician in the work-place but you may have someone who is into their music and prepared to DJ for the night. Maybe you could consider doing your own catering with everyone bringing their showstopper recipe?


There’s nothing more unappealing than a party pooper! Get over the fact that this is costing you money and think about the value your staff add to your business. A Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to show them they’re appreciated and enter into 2018 full of optimism and good-intentions.