Are you a savvy social user?

posted by 6 years ago in Tips

You would think in a generation that is social media, SMEs around the UK would be jumping on trends and hashtags to promote their business further online but recent stats from Barclays proves otherwise…

When it comes to social media and its advantages small to medium sized businesses seem to be in the dark when it comes to the opportunities it can bring, instead of growing online they are sticking to what they know and trying to succeed in the depths of their shops and websites.

500 of those who took part in a survey have admitted that the main reason they are not joining in online is because they believe that “what works in the UK will work just as well overseas” as they think that their biggest audience is right here in the UK and haven’t even looked into exchanging abroad.

Just 31% of UK SMEs use Facebook to attract customers from across seas whereas two-thirds use it to engage with their UK customers. They believe that the likes of Facebook and Instagram are not a good example of a “shop window to the world.” You would imagine Twitter would be different and that there would be more active tweeting from our SMEs but the picture is painted the same, a mere 36% actively tweet to capture their UK market and a small 17% use it to attract attention overseas and then there is just 28% using their website to promote sales internationally.

Steve Childs, head of international at Barclays commented;

“A website or Instagram page can be your shop window to the world, delivering growth and bigger market share with minimal costs,

“With more consumers shopping online, business owners are missing out on sales if they aren’t using or tailoring their digital platforms and targeting international e-marketplaces to attract customers abroad.”

If you are unsure on how to rule the likes of Twitter, then our 5 Twitter tricks for small businesses will definitely help you take on the reins!