SMEs come out in force to support Sport Relief

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Did you know that over 189,000 children have been able to attend a school and recieve an education because of the money raised over the past two years? Not only that but 16,500 people have recieved the support needed to improve their mental health. Over the past two years 734,000 children have been given life-saving vaccines and there has been funding raisied for 23 projects which will assist those with dementia.

50% of all the money raised for Sport Relief is used to make changes here in the UK. The other 50% travels across the world to the poorest communities which will transform their way of living.

With Sport Relief powering over our TVs this weekend we thought it would be nice to share some of the charaitble SMEs that are making the hashtag #SportRelief trend.


 The Mobile Optician

Barkimber Pet Care

Pure Potential

HH Exec Search

DACB Careers