The small businesses helping customers keep their New Year’s resolutions

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A third of Brits make New Year’s resolutions every year but how many actually keep them? A study by Bupa found 80 per cent had given up on their promises by the end of March!

Here’s a selection of small businesses helping us keep our New Year’s resolutions all year round…

Go vegan

The vow to eat a vegan diet has become so popular this month it’s been named ‘Veganuary’. The number of people committing to eat a vegan diet this January has risen from 1,500 in 2014 to 52,000 in 2018.

Last year we interviewed Mike Hill from One Planet Pizza, the company bringing a vegan alternative to one of the most popular fast foods in the world through mainstream retailers.

He explained the concept behind his business…

“I just thought that pizza is the world’s number one fast food, and yet there isn’t a vegan pizza brand out there. If we can get just 0.01% of the frozen market, that’s still a million-pound business. But equally important is giving vegans, veggies and other people that want to eat a more ethical and healthy option, a choice as to the sort of pizza they buy.”


Plenty of us have signed up to a gym in January, only to have lost our appetite for exercise three months down the line! Personal trainers Matt Boyle and Dom Thorpe came up with a novel business idea for keeping us interested in fitness beyond the beginning of the year. They invented the world’s first all-in-one portable transmitting system using wireless headphones, meaning Zumba in the park, BodyPump on the beach and Clubbercise on the roof!

Speaking about their business, Wireless Fitness Matt told us:

“Myself and my co-Founder, Dom Thorpe are both personal trainers. We saw the rise in popularity in outdoor exercise and the sustained popularity of classes with music, and in a ‘lightbulb’ moment, realised we could bring them both together using silent disco technology. The Wireless Fitness tech allows instructors to run bigger classes, so make more money per hour. It also allows gyms to keep their members happy, by silencing noisy classes.”

Maria and Sara Techman of Well&Truly 

Eat well

Unsurprisingly, eating better topped the list of most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2018 in a poll conducted by YouGov.

Sisters Maria and Sara Techman set up their business to create all natural, healthy snacks in 2015. The founders of Well&Truly explain:

“We launch everyday snacks which are also healthier and pack a punch when it comes to flavour. Any snack we bring to market is rigorously tested to ensure that it is “moreish” enough to warrant being part of the W&T product lineup. For us, innovation is key and all our products are first to market. We only use all-natural ingredients, are certified gluten free and each product has at least one further secondary health benefit whether it is lower fat or fewer calories.”

 Get a new job

With people looking for change in the New Year, it would seem getting a different job is high on their list of priorities.

Adam Butler Recruitment was one of our hobnobbing interviewees in 2017. Adam said:

“We put the organisational culture of our clients front and centre of every search we undertake for them. Yes, skills and experience are obviously important, but matching attitude and personality of an individual to the culture of an organisation means the relationship between them will be more fruitful and last longer.”

Matt and Peanut

Improve work-life balance

The average working week in the UK has risen to 42.7 hours for full-time employees with the rise of non-stop emails and a 24-hour work culture. It’s no surprise then that top of many New Year resolution lists is the promise to take back control and improve work-life balance.

Matt Fox noticed there was a gap in the market for last minute self-catering holidays … so he filled it and his business Snaptrip was born:

“The inspiration came from the supplier side, in that there were no aggregation platforms whose focus was on selling unsold or ‘distressed’ inventory, so we thought it would appeal to them if we built one!

“We also realised that there were plenty of last minute sites for hotels such as: Last Minute, Travel Zoo, Secret Escapes and Late Rooms but nothing like that for the holiday rental sector. With lots of unsold inventory in the sector, we decided to create a platform for providers of these properties to create compelling last-minute discounts to get them sold. We knew as long as there was a consumer market for these sort of late deals, property rentals as opposed to hotels, then we would be onto something different and exciting.”