Tips from an IT Recruiter Chris Nicholas, Director at Shortlist Recruitment

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Chris Nicholas

Virtually every business will have to recruit at some point. Here are 5 quick tips to help you hire the best talent.

The Recruitment Process

Get this nailed down from Day 1. This includes defining the position and job description, advertising and clearly communicating the vacancy, allocating time/resources/key personal, getting the interview process set in stone and setting interview questions. Candidates hate uncertainty, they will gravitate towards companies that have a strong recruitment strategy and a process that is simple and clear. Get this right from the start and you will ultimately attract the best talent and save yourself time.

Background Checks

Always read between the lines. Probe into work experience and do not waste your time interviewing people only to find out they have minimal experience in a critical area. Telephone interviews can help to assist with candidate screening and won’t cost you too much time. CV’s are designed to market candidates and their experience, Social Media profiles aren’t. These types of checks are a great way of finding out what a candidate is really like and can be invaluable.

The Offer

Money and Motivations. Understand the candidates’ motivations for looking for a new position from the outset. Many candidates are looking for a pay rise but there can be other factors including, location, working hours/environment, technology, projects/roadmap and personnel. Get the candidate’s salary expectations defined early in the process and make sure this is communicated with all relevant parties.

Talent Pools

Generating talent pipelines. There are many online tools to help develop talent pools. These need to be developed organically without a lot of input from the potential employer. You need to create a platform for quality talent to come together to engage in a common interest. Forums, discussion & meetup groups and hackathons are smart ways to engage potential hires.


Quality not Quantity. Working with a small number of recruitment suppliers can save you time and money. Many businesses will at some point struggle to find good available talent. Find an agency that understands your business and the type of person that fits your culture. A good agency can be invaluable in growing and scaling your business.

ShortList Recruitment are a Chester based recruitment agency that specialise in the full spectrum of IT positions, from Helpdesk to CIO level positions on both a permanent and contract basis.