Tips for maintaining your van

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Tips for maintaining your van

Being on the road day in and day out can cause the maintenance of your van to fall beyond first expectations. With the contents within the van and keeping on top of busy schedules causing lunch breaks to be taken on the passenger’s seat it is important that your van is still in good condition – especially if leasing.

So, what can you do to ensure your van is treated with tender love and care?

Make it sparkle

As time passes you will start to notice the crumbs from your sandwiches make a home on the dashboard of your van, spilled drinks stains and muddy flooring. To avoid this piling up and smells starting to form it is important to clean out your van at least once a week. Whether that is done by yourself personally, your children (so they can earn their pocket money) or a valet service which can be found at most service stations it needs to be done.

It is also worth bearing in mind the outside of your van as well, with the inconsistent weather that the UK brings you never know what your van is going to drive through, snow, rain or sunshine and they are only a few of the conditions your van will experience. It is recommended that your van is washed on the outside at least twice a month to avoid any permanent staining, or damage to the vehicle.

Under pressure?

Whether you are driving every day of the week or just once every other day it is highly advised that you check the tyre pressures at least once a month. Not only does this help with the performance of your van it also improves yours and your passenger’s protection when driving. Most garages will offer this service.

What’s under your bonnet?

RAC recommends that the contents underneath the bonnet are checked weekly, this means checking the oil and fluid levels, and ensuring they are filled to the sufficient levels required. In fact, it is actually a criminal offence to drive your vehicle without the minimal levels of fluids. If in doubt refer back to your manual for advice.

What else is on the tick list?

Taking care of your van comes with a big to do list, and it is important that these are crossed off weekly, the things you should be checking on are things such as;

Wing mirrors – ensuring there has been no damage or wrong movement made.

Windscreen – checking whether there is any damage to the screen, because even a tiny crack in the corner could ultimately crack the whole screen which can affect your safety.

Bumpers – keeping an eye on the paintwork and condition these are in, especially if leasing.