Top 10 business books – Must reads for entrepreneurs

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Top 10 Business Books

Whether you have been running a business for many years or are dreaming of starting your own, there are some great business books available. There are useful books available for every type of business at every stage of development, although the following are our top 10 business books.

1. Self Made: The Definitive Guide to Business Start-Up Success

Written by Bianca Miller-Cole and Byron Cole

This book is written by Bianca Miller-Cole a former finalist of The Apprentice, together with her entrepreneur husband Byron Miller. The book is described by many as an indispensable guide for new businesses, thanks to its brilliant advice across a range of important topics. For example, sections are devoted to topics such as finding investment, navigating social media and developing important presentation skills.

2. Will It Fly?

Written by Thomas K. McKnight

This book is a popular option for many business owners which are looking to benefit from the authors extensive experience. The book contains a useful 44-point checklist that is designed to evaluate your business ideas and attitudes.

3. S.U.M.O (Shut Up, Move On): The Straight-Talking Guide to Succeeding in Life

Written by Paul McGee

This book is a great combination of humour and practical business advice, designed to help business owners respond to difficult situations. The book will help you maintain a positive attitude and become more self-aware.

4. The New Business Road Test

Written by John Mullins

Rather than simply providing encouragement, this useful book provides a framework to help you test and launch your business. The book is divided into two parts, the road test and the toolkit for starting your business.

5. Start your Business in 7 Days

Written by James Caan

Dragon Den’s James Caan guides you through the important aspects of starting your business in just 7 days. Sections include everything from finalising your business idea to establishing your team.

6. Legacy

Written by James Kerr

If you are a rugby fan, this is the ideal book for you. The author takes practical lessons from the New Zealand All-Blacks to improve leadership and management skills.

7. When to Jump: If The Job You Have Isn’t The Life You Want

Written by Mike Lewis

If you are considering leaving your job to become an entrepreneur, this book will help you decide whether it is the right path. The book contains a series of short first-person stories written by other successful entrepreneurs.

8. The Business Planning Guide

Written by David H. Bangs Jr.

This no-nonsense business book avoids complicated jargon to provide readers with simple business tips and advice. The author is a former banker who also owns many successful businesses and the book is a great choice for those entering the start-up phase.

9. Dear Female Founder: 66 Letters of Advice from Women Entrepreneurs Who Have Made $1 Billion in Revenue

Edited by Lu Li

This is a brilliant collection of letters from 66 female business owners and investors, which will provide advice and confidence to those with a business idea.

10. Brand Brilliance: Elevate Your Brand, Enchant Your Audience

Written by Fiona Humberstone

An essential aspect of running a business is establishing a great brand and this great book is written by a branding expert. The book will take you through key considerations, such as finding your niche, deciding typography and finalising your visual style.

These books are great additions to every business and will help provide useful guidance and advice. Here at BusinessComparison, we can also provide your business with great advice relating to everything from competitive business loans to great energy deals.