Top tips for staff training

posted by 5 years ago in Tips

This week UK businesses are being encouraged to get ‘curious and creative’ as part of a national learning campaign. Learning at Work week starts today to put a spotlight on the benefits of learning and development at work.

If you’re inspired to take part and reap the rewards for your business, here are’s top tips for effective staff training…

Look at the costs

Evaluate the amount it will cost you to deliver the training against the benefits the skill development will bring to your business. Staff training is an investment so it is well worth spending time thinking about what you want your staff to be able to do after they’ve carried out the learning activities. If you have little or no budget then maybe you could enlist the help of a business mentor to pass on advice to staff.


Take the time to discuss the training opportunity with your members of staff before-hand so you are both clear about the expectations and what you would like the learning outcomes to be. Discuss how they would feel about a qualification being attached to the training and whether they would be more comfortable travelling outside the office or if they would prefer to complete the training in-house.

Choose quality instructors and materials

If you are using an external instructor then it is wise to seek recommendations and meet them beforehand to discuss the presentation style and materials. Whilst a more formal style may suit some members of staff, if your company is based in a relaxed environment then an informal approach may be more effective.

Measure results

Measuring the results of the training will give you greater insight into whether you’d like to embark on more in the future and will help you know if it’s a worthwhile investment for your business. Encourage your staff to fill out a feedback form and to pass on their new-found skills or knowledge to junior members of the team.