Who says invoices have to be boring? 5 examples of invoice design

posted by 6 years ago in Features

More often than not we see invoices that look like their taken straight out of a Microsoft Word template. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with this – as they tick that “practically” box after all – it’s sometimes nice to see those who put that extra little bit of “love” into their invoice designs.

When searching the web for nice examples of invoice design there were (as expected) too many to showcase here. So we’ve chosen a few that we liked.

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Whilst a beautifully designed invoice can make us feel that little bit better about ourselves (or is that just me?) – chasing those unpaid invoices is – in reality – the bigger issue. Research in September 2015 by the Asset Based Finance Association (ABFA), the body representing the asset-based finance industry, shows that over British small-to-medium sized businesses are owed in unpaid invoices.

So if you do find yourself spending more time chasing invoices and less time on your business then you should consider invoice financing.

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