Why small businesses love Valentine’s Day!

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Why small businesses love Valentine’s Day!

Our nation’s annual celebration of love can be profitable for small businesses but it’s worth making sure you’re one step ahead to avoid the larger chains taking all the profit. Here are some promising statistics and tips on how to get hearts fluttering and pulses racing with your products.

75% of men buy flowers for their lovers

If you’re a florist then there’s no doubt that this is your occasion. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your business stand out from the rest. Invest in plenty of stock and go for some more unusual flowers – red roses are lovely but the novelty can wear thin for some so have alternative options. Try adding little buds to the roses or you could just include a cute vase for the roses to go in!

An average of 25million cards are given on Valentine’s Day

If your business lands in the retail sector, then you have an advantage here. However you must be unique, take the time and create cards that will catch puppy dog’s eyes! Handmade cards are seen as rare treasures these days, cards found in large chains are unoriginal and repetitive. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for small businesses as it is such an intimate and personal day and people enjoy going that step further to ensure that they are buying a sentimental card.

Each year we splurge an average of £1.3billion on gifts in the UK

Again, this is another privilege for the retail sector. Your Valentine’s Day products should be displayed clearly, an isle should be dedicated to the day of love otherwise you won’t feel the full impact of lovers. The most obvious way to do this is to paint hearts and throw pink tissue paper everywhere it is simple but, it is effective.

Share the rose petals online

Although it is important to advertise significantly in store, you must spread the word online! Your brilliant new cards and gifts won’t be purchased if they’re not heard of. Facebook and Twitter are great networks to ‘share the love!’ They are cheap and the potential reach of your posts can reach thousands if not more!

Two thirds of people said they were going out for a meal to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2015

It might be traditional but couples love eating out! So, what is going to make them choose your restaurant? OFFERS! Many businesses try and take advantage of the nervous men looking for the right dining establishment but, the best way to get a person to book with you is to offer them a deal. As this is a couple based day, fix your menu to suit a couple for example; sharers, champagnes and wines are great pleasers!

Last year, two thirds of single women pledged to celebrate the day anyway!

If you own a bar then you have hit the jackpot, expect the place to be filled with women requesting ‘Single Ladies’ and dribbling men following them with a drink. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about couples solely. Remember, there are still thousands of single souls around so dedicate the night to them!