Woo hoo – it’s Blue Monday!

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The annual day of doom was first introduced on 24th January 2005, and the phrase was developed not by a scientist or social commentator but a PR company!

It’s been predicted by the University of Exeter that the UK economy could lose as much as £93 billion due to a dip in productivity on what’s widely regarded as the most depressing day of the year. Weather, debt, tiredness and low motivational levels are all said to play a part.

So, whilst the competition are googling ‘depression’ (every 2 seconds according to research) and bemoaning their bank accounts, waistline and lack of daylight then encourage your staff to leave their frowns at the door and get making money – what could be more enjoyable?

Here’s how to raise your productivity when all around are losing theirs in a wave of Blue Monday induced misery …

Break the fast

Attractive woman enjoying sunny side up egg on french toast. Breakfast in the city.


Why not start the day with an informal breakfast meeting? This is the perfect opportunity for a chat about what you and your colleagues intend to achieve during the day and plan strategies to boost productivity.

Don’t forget to have your eggs sunny side up!

Ditch Social Media

Not for business purposes of course but the less exposure you and your staff have to that pesky phrase ‘Blue Monday’ the less likely it is to have a negative impact on your day.

Create a positive soundtrack

Cheerful young man in headphones listening to the music while sitting at his working place with bicycle standing in the background


Even the grumpiest of workers won’t be able to resist a smile at some cheesy tunes. After all it was Plato who said “Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.”


Here are some suggestions:

The Only Way is Up – Yazz and the Plastic Population

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

You Raise Me Up – Westlife

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

I Can – Blue

See the light

Literally! Encourage staff to step outside for a walk and some fresh air on their lunch break. Better still break up the monotony of the workplace by having a meeting in a café or park.

Try some random acts of kindness

Compliments, coffee rounds, biscuits – whatever it takes!

It’ll be Tuesday before you know it!