How to ease worker stress (it is National Work Life Week!)

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Over half of workers report stress as being an issue in their current work environment according to research published to coincide with National Work Life Week. Not only that but nearly two thirds of staff believe that their employer looks down on workers who get stressed.

1,200 UK employees were questioned for the study which was carried out by CV-Library. Their findings also highlighted the majority (57.4%) of workers believing that their manager does not provide support to help them manage work stress.

So how can you avoid having stressed out staff? Read on for our tips…

Good management

The researched showed bad management as being the biggest cause of stress at work with a significant 65.8 percent of those questioned highlighting it. To avoid falling into this trap, make sure that your managers have the appropriate training to create positive working relationships and get the best out of staff. Encourage dialogue and feedback from staff at all levels so that issues can be dealt with before they create stress.

Keep morale high

Whilst stress doesn’t hinge entirely on external factors, creating a positive and supportive atmosphere and environment can only be a good thing! Recognise and reward staff achievements and use awareness campaigns such as National Work Life Week to boost staff morale.

Promote friendly behaviour

Let’s face it, unless you’re the boss, you don’t get to choose who you work with and there will sometimes be personality clashes. However, if you create a culture that is professional and friendly then staff will feel more able to talk about stresses and difficulties they may be experiencing.

Share the load

Keep regularly updated on what your staff are working on. If the demands are too great on one person then you can seek to spread the workload and prevent a meltdown! Question whether you need more resource or extra staff in that particular area of work. There are only so many hours in a day and only so much one person can manage!

Work life balance

Whilst work away days and incentives are a good way to boost morale it’s very important to recognise that your staff are individuals with private lives. Family and friendships are part of what makes your staff individual and are a crucial part of them being able to relieve stress and get away from work. This is one reason for awareness raising events such as national Work Life Week. Ensure that your staff take their holidays and that they don’t become so overwhelmed with tasks that they are working all hours.